UPBEAT: Cultivating The Right Attitude To Thrive In Tough Times

I listen to my friends as they retell stories of their families and loved ones that have been laid off from work recently. Recession has taken its toll. Their voices are riddled with fear, fear that they are next, fear that the economy will cause them to lose their houses, fear that they’ve not saved enough, fear that they don’t have enough, fear of the unknown.

For it is fear, more than anything else, that seems to define our age.

Fear can drive our inner daily conversations. Fear, worry and asking why can become stopping places for failure.Rajesh Setty's New Book: UPBEAT

Rajesh Setty’s book, UPBEAT: Cultivating The Right Attitude To Thrive In Tough Times addresses the need to surround yourself with upbeat conversations. Setty gives some great advice on how to turn the Recession into an opportunity to create a better job, better life, better world. As Setty says, “UPBEAT will help you quickly find the right rhythm to thrive in this great environment.” UPBEAT talks about how to THRIVE during tough times.

Here are my Top Ten Gems From UPBEAT.

1. Recession is here and everyone is invited to the party. Attendance is mandatory and you have been given your free ticket.

2. You can control and develop an UPBEAT attitude that’s recession-proof.

3. Continuously engaging in conversations that lead to nowhere is a sure recipe for disaster. It is a “license for inaction.” [Watch the conversations you have with yourself as well.]

4. If our daily conversations are weak, we may end up starting a “sympathy exchange” movement.

5. You need to be on a diet that is lean on unproductive behavior.

6. Being flexible is to be open to change and to new ways of doing things.

7. Adapting is to make new ways of doing things YOUR ways of doing things.

8. Once you adapt, you will not be conscious of the fact that you are changing, as the new methods and practices have become your methods and practices.

9. Always remember the golden rule: Give first! If you forget to give, you become extra baggage in others’ lives.

10. If there is one metric that makes sense, it is the “extra capacity” that you add in the life of another person in your network. With you being in their life, their life should be significantly better than without you being in their life.

Bonus: This is your time to increase your investments in yourself.

You can pick up your own copy of UPBEAT by going to Amazon. You can also follow Rajesh on Twitter @UpbeatNow or read his current posts on his blog Life Beyond Code.


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    Sounds like an interesting read Jeff! This list reminds me of the recent post by Seth Godin where he challenged those that are unemployed with a series of activities that they can do to take advantage of this unique time. If you have the time, this is a great list. What if you did three of the things on the list? That would already be a full time job…


    – Sam
    twitter: @samueljsmith

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