These Are A Few Of My Event Planning Things

As I oversee my association’s 21st annual conference and exhibition, I find myself entrenched in a world unfamiliar to the layperson.

I call family and friends to check in and recap the day’s events. They think I’m speaking a foreign language with all the event professional jargon and share in my stress yet have no comprehension of what I am saying. Their silence is a sign that their eyes have glazed over and they are only partially listening to my drivel. I’m sure I sound like a constant dripping faucet—annoying with its steady drip.

These are a few of my event planning things.

These are a few of my event planning things.

I return to my evening tasks after a marathon day of meetings, setups, banquet changes and attendee requests. As I sit among piles of meeting planning minutiae, read through daily billings and no-show room lists, I find myself singing a well-known tune with a different set of lyrics.

So, in honor of meeting and event professionals everywhere, here are a few of my event planning things.
Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things.” Go ahead and sing it with me.

My Event Planning Things

Spreadsheets and reg lists, floor plans and layouts
BEOs, menus, food and beverage, and payouts
Tradeshow booths, drayage and, pipe and drape
These are a few of my event planning things

RFPs, housing blocks, room lists and attrition
Event insurance, contracts, and room cancellations
Speakers and schedules, and transportation
These are few of my event planning things

Staging, production, av and lights
Décor and rigging, catering and off site
Directionals, signage, union labor with might
These are a few of my event planning things

When the fire marshal comes
When the speaker no shows
When the attendee is mad

I simply remember my event planning things
And then I don’t feel so bad.


  1. says

    Jeff, this made me crack up! It also made me think of my old hotel days. We used to sing, “I shot the Chef, but I did not shoot the Matre’D.”

    My advice as an industry consultant though, is to be sure to hang on to your day job!

    Dave Lutz – @velchain
    Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

    • Jeff Hurt says

      @Dave Lutz:
      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I was having one of those moments in my meeting planning overload that just needed some levity. Humor always help.

      Oh, yes I did! As I told Dave, humor and laughter makes everything, even meeting minutiae, more manageable.


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