The Evolution Of eLearning [Infographic]


Distance learning, often called online or eLearning, has evolved dramatically from the 1700s to the Millennium.

Many adults are seeking more education opportunities and degrees online.

This inforgraphic from Rasmussen College illustrates how online learning technology has changed through the years.

How has online learning affected your organization? Which do you prefer, online or face to face, learning and why?


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    Very interesting infographic. I am a product of an online graduate school. I started my MBA work online in 2001 when there were very few schools doing it. My reason for selecting that avenue of education was because I traveled so much and didn’t have the time to sit in a classroom. I think that reason still drives a lot of people. Maybe not the travel, but the desire to become educated, obtain the knowledge and in some cases a degree without having to tie themselves to a classroom. Thanks for sharing.


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