Creating A Conference Culture Of Learning: Reflections From Marcia Conner

Check out this abbreviated video from author and learning maven Marcia Conner on conference learning from PCMA‘s Learning Lounge, Really Live Chat Rooms at Convening Leaders, January 9-11, 2012 in San Diego.

Here’s a rundown of her video if you want to fast forward to a specific area.

00:10 – A Philosophy Of Learning
01:03 – Creating More Space For Learning At Conferences
02:55 – Creating Cultures Of Learning
04:25 – Creating A Conference Culture Of Learning

Marcia is the author of three books:

She is a columnist for Fast Company magazine, blogger, one of the founders of #lrnchat (an online Twitter Chat about education and learning) and a frequent conference speaker.

Look for more videos of authors, learning leaders and though leaders after the conference.


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