Increase Your Conference Attendee Engagement By Increasing Relevance

So engaged by timoni west

“How can I increase engagement at my conference?” It’s a question I hear a lot. “How can I help my attendees increase their engagement?” What’s my answer? Increase the relevance. Increase the relevance of the content. Increase the relevance of the learning experience. Oh and by the way, what type of engagement are you talking about? The Camouflaged Faux Engaged Attendee As meeting professionals, we struggle with defining attendee engagement. Too often we think that when … [Read more...]

Snack Bite-Size Learning Rules The Roost At Conferences

Blogger Karla Gutierrez gives five reasons why bite-size learning works at Shift's eLearning blog. Here's one key point all conference organizers and speakers should know and implement: Chunk Content In 10 Min Sections Bite-size learning as well as bite-size instruction improves an attendee's psychological engagement. It prevents cognitive overload and mental burnout. It also encourages us to process information and consider its application. It is impossible for us to focus on any one … [Read more...]

How To Choose Education Content That Leads to a Treasure of Learners

2014.02.11_Treasure Chest

Pirates are treasure hunters that don’t always play by the rules. As an association education professional, you too can buck tradition by searching for hidden treasures of content and delivering them to your members. The Pirate Spirit Many of us have negative images of pirates as shipmates that pillage and rob other vessels. Some of us think of the children’s version of Captain Hook in Peter Pan or of Johnny Depp’s drunken, flamboyant Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Curating … [Read more...]

Six Tips To Create The Conference Introvert Advantage

2014.02.03_Fwd How Not To Manage An Introvert  - Những Điều Không Nên Làm Khi Quản Lý Nhân Viê n Có Tính Cách Hướng Nội

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you’re an introvert, you’re trendy right now. There is a lot of media buzz about introversion and their inner strengths in a primarily extrovert world. One In Four... At least one in four people tends to listen more than they speak, often feels alone in large groups, and requires a lot of private time to restore their energy. They are introverts says author, researcher, educator and psychotherapist Dr. Marti Olsen Laney. According to Susan Cain, … [Read more...]

The Art Of Changing The Attendees’ Brain: Conference Style


Usually our view of conference education is an expert at the front of the room doling out their knowledge through witty repartee. The speaker stands on a stage, behind a podium, towering above the audience as if dispensing expertise from on high. Conference organizers and speakers view the audience as those that need the expert’s help. The experts then hand their assistance down to the attendees through their spoken word. This has been the model for years. It’s the way we were taught in … [Read more...]

Helping Speakers Move From Dispensers Of Information To Facilitators Of Learning

2013.12.02_Musings of a da

The greatest sign of success for a speaker is not a full room and positive smile-sheet summaries that only indicate attendees can successfully sit through long lectures. The greatest sign of success for a speaker is to be able to say, “The audience is now working on the content as if I did not exist!” (Paraphrase, Maria Montessori). Too many professional and industry speakers judge their success based on whether the client and the audience walked away with temporary cotton-candy feel good … [Read more...]

Five Myths Of Interactive, Participatory Learning For STEM Conferences

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It’s one of the most common excuses I hear from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics/Medical) conference organizers today… “As ______________ (insert appropriate STEM word) attendees, they won’t participate in interactive sessions or discussions. They don’t want to be actively involved. They don’t like to talk. They came to hear from an expert. We can’t leave them to their own learning.” In short, these conference organizers and their teams are convinced that they can … [Read more...]

Adding Active Learning Strategies To Passive Video Watching To Increase Effectiveness

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Watching online video has gone from being a niche activity to mainstream. The implications of online video growth are huge for brands, organizations as well as learning. Yet watching a video is a passive experience. And often our minds jump to couch potato mode, conditioned by watching years of TV in passive mindsets. Tips To Increase Video Learning Effectiveness Here are several tips to help increase learning in a primarily passive experience—video watching. 1. Keep The Videos … [Read more...]