Most Keynote Speakers Fail At Providing Audience Learning & Performance Improvement

Fail by Ryan Steele

Most keynotes fail at actually providing learning and retention. Sure, many keynotes are inspirational, motivational and provide an engaging story. And if that’s all we’re looking for from a high-paid professional speaker for a keynote, it works. However, when an organization pays $10,000-$75,000, or even a higher fee, for a 45- to 60-minute message, we expect more. Too many keynotes are filled with exhausted clichés, empty entertainment, and low-importance ideas. ~ Dr. Will … [Read more...]

Myths Your Conference Should Stop Perpetuating


Your conference is spreading the cult of myths, traditions and rituals. How so? What do you mean? You ask. Providing conference education is not as intuitive as it seems! Science shows that there is a right way and a wrong way to design, deliver and implement conference education. Unfortunately, most conferences ignore the science. Instead, they sell and promote their unscientific approaches to education. Source: The Science of Training and Development in Organizations: What Matters in … [Read more...]

Is Your Conference Fostering Conscious Cognitive Misers?

LazyAfternoon by Jenny Pansing

Are you creating intellectually lazy conference participants? Your conference programming may harbor bias toward minimizing cognitive efforts. In other words, your conference sessions and speakers may actual curtail participants’ thinking. Your conference could be creating happy fools. These happy fools blindly respond to their own problems by erroneously using your conference takeaways as accurate solutions. They avoid thinking, reflecting, and adapting those takeaways. Then when your … [Read more...]

Borrowing Great Ideas Leads To The Risks Associated With Mimicry

elproductor by andresfranconet

We seem to always be looking for the next quick tip, idea, or feature to implement for our next conference. But not so fast — there’s some work that needs to be done first. Just copying someone else’s success and ideas is an easy way out. Give Me Your Great Ideas…Fast! We like to see and hear about others’ great ideas. We like lists of practical tips or steps to solve an issue. Then we copy them for our own meetings. We’re just like our conference attendees. When we attend a … [Read more...]

Adopt These Four Values To Super Charge Your Conference Participant Peer Learning


In today’s high-tech, information-at-your-thumbs world, education models have shifted. Our conference participants now have the capacity and cultural motivation to produce their own knowledge. They experience overwhelmingly support for creating and sharing information and connections in their daily lives. We continue to witness the rise of the participatory culture as Henry Jenkins describes it. These ongoing developments mean that conference organizers must foster and leverage … [Read more...]

Unlearning Our Old Patterns Of Conference Education To Relearn For A Socially Engaged Future

TheConnection by Irmell Aro

It’s past time for conference organizers to learn about learning! Our conference success depends upon it. We’ve got to stop saying that it is someone else’s job to manage the content, programming and the attendee experience of the conference. That all we do is work on the logistics of the conference. If we want to increase our value as conference organizers, we have to understand the two primary attendee outcomes: networking and education (with a focus on improving on-the-job performance). … [Read more...]

License Attendees To Drive Their Brains To The Streets Of Increased Conference Value

Driving by Edoardo Bartoccetti

The majority of your conference attendees believe that their conference learning is all about self discipline. They think that the more conference education sessions that they attend, the more information they can absorb. The only strategy they know is to strive hard and fast to physically hear as many speakers as possible. That intentional effort rarely works. Usually, it backfires. Part of our challenge is that we don’t understand our own brains. License To Drive To help your … [Read more...]

Part 2: Ten Industrial-Strength Awesome Trends Poised To Disrupt Your Conference Education

Awesome bySamHowzit

More powerful than your current offerings. More effective than your current industrial-strength-stupid monologues and ineffective-panel-methods. These trends are poised to give you the upper hand and differentiate you from your competitors or send your conference committee suggestions into a downward spiral that will take years to recover from. Take heed. These trends will be knocking on your conference door whether you realize it or not. The Next Five Industrial-Strength Education … [Read more...]