Five Fears That Keep You From Accomplishing Amazingly Awesome Stuff


If you’re an association executive or conference organizer, you know where you stand within your organization. Deep down, you desire to be and do more. No, your drive is not greed in disguise. Nor is your drive selfish in nature. It’s actually a noble drive as you want to make a difference. Your drive is rooted in the desire to do something significant, help others and be a positive influence on others. The Fear Factor Too many leaders step back from real triumphs. We become frustrated … [Read more...]

Establishing A New Model To Select Conference Content And Programming

2013.12.04_The right way

Is it time to end the speaker call for proposals? Does the traditional open call for topics and speakers actually meet the conference audience’s needs? The traditional call for volunteer and professional speakers is a roll of the dice that the submissions meet the needs of the conference attendees. Too often staff and committees rely on the call for proposals to fill their conference education programming. There is little to no attention given to ensuring that the content is the right … [Read more...]

Leading Change With Brain Friendly Strategies

2013.11.27_Lead the way, my friend.

Change can be hard! All organizations face challenges of maintaining employee or volunteer engagement and motivation in the midst of uncertainty. Organizational change is challenging even in the best situations. According to McKinsey Quarterly, 2010, only about 30% of organizations are successful with organizational change. For many people, the unknown is extremely frightening. We default to routine and resist change at all costs. Case Study On Successful Organizational … [Read more...]

Five Learning Agility Traits You Need To Keep From Failing


In today’s world of high velocity change, conference organizers, meeting professionals and association leaders need to be more agile than ever. Adapting to new business models, working with virtual teams, identifying ongoing macro, industry and organization trends that will impact customers, and using predictive analysis are just some of the traits today’s leaders need. In short, being more agile and flexible are critical to success. Defining Learning Agility How stuck are you in your … [Read more...]

Status Quo Or Strategic Agility?

2013.07.01_LIVING DEAD DOLLS Alice In Wonderland  Inferno as The Red Queen

It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that. ~ The Red Queen, Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll Change Is Never Easy No one said change would be easy. Some associations and conference hosts just refuse to embrace change of any type. You turn you head and before you know it, some of these organizations have lost their way and slowly disappear. They lose their appeal. People stop using … [Read more...]

Are You Attracting Your Best Attendees Or Are You Repelling Them?


Why are conference organizers doing so many things that repel their best customers? Instead of bombarding paying attendees with marketing messages, how about just making good on your promise to deliver education and networking opportunities? Missed Opportunities To Grow Attendee Loyalty This summer, I attended three large conferences – one in our industry and two outside. All three were premium conferences, yet all three missed out on opportunities to grow attendee loyalty. Here are … [Read more...]

Your Training Programs Are Preposterous And Fail Miserably To Foster Learning

Training is for dogs. Have you ever heard someone say, "I'm educating my dogs" or "I'm instructing my dogs." Of course you haven't. That's because most training programs are for dogs. The Education Semantics Challenge Many people use the words training, education, instruction and learning interchangeably. However each conveys a unique message and meaning. Individually and combined, these four activities help build different types of skills, knowledge and ultimately attitude and behavior … [Read more...]

Are Your Organization’s Learning Opportunities Outdated?

Is your organization offering learning opportunities that are based on an outdated model? Or have you positioned your organization to offer learning opportunities that are proven to be successful today and align with your participants' learning? No, I'm not just talking about the linear advancement of technology as applied to learning. Technology is a factor but it is not the primary driving trait. I'm talking about the shift in how culture and the context of a global economy affect our … [Read more...]