The Future Of Learning And Technology 2020: Preparing For Change

Future Tools Of Future by Scott Smithson

The education landscape of 2020 will be characterized by the blurring of boundaries. Learning anywhere and anytime will be commonplace in many different ways based on the ubiquitous and innovative use of technology. Our organizations face a duality of change—conceptual and technological—regarding the practices of education and learning. The practices of teaching, presenting and learning will undergo fundamental change as it responds to global, social, political, technological and of … [Read more...]

Technology Mastery Is A Must To Succeed Today

2013.02.22_you may not elect to fail

Many of you will lose your leadership position in five years or less unless you embrace three major technology areas needed to survive. ~ paraphrase author, business owner and technology guru Scott Klososky. Leaders today are going to be forced to make a choice: either they will improve their technology vision and culture or they will not survive says Klososky Don't believe him? Consider the following fact: The average tenure of a US CEO is 4.2 years, less than half the average tenure of … [Read more...]

Today’s Youth Are On A Quest For Authenticity And Community

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Imagine the following conversation. Eeeeghads! Our organization will fade away in 10-15 years if we don't start reaching a younger generation. Our membership is mostly Baby Boomers. Most will retire in 15 years. We're not sure if they will retain membership with us or not. We've got to attract more GenX and Millennials. What do we do? Where do we start? This conversation is one of the most common we hear from association leaders. What Motivates Youth Today So what motivates young people … [Read more...]

Six Disruptive Forces Poised To Revolutionize Nonprofit Associations

It takes courage to move out of the comfort zone! So many nonprofit associations and their boards have adopted a risk averse environment. They see little incentive to change or experiment. In the coming three to ten years, those organizations that stay the course will not succeed. Those that refuse to think differently, quickly and innovate will not survive. The traditional nonprofit approach to risk must be recalibrated to assume a level of risk tolerance. Defining A Disruptive Force What is … [Read more...]

4 Top Technology Predictions That Will Affect Your Organization


These Gartner predictions highlight the trends and disruptive events that will reshape the nature of business for the next four years. They focus on changes in the role that technology plays in business performance, our personal and professional lives, and in the global economy. Gartner evaluated more than 100 predictions based on audience appeal, impact and relevance. The 2011 predictions showcase a link between technology decisions and economic and societal outcomes. Here are four top … [Read more...]

Are You Using The Rear View Mirror To See What Is Ahead?

What vantage point do you use to move forward? The rear view mirror, your headlights or a travel advisor who tells you what's ahead? The Three Views Seth Kahan recently spoke at Texas Society of Association Executives New Ideas 2011 Conference at the Omni Houston Galleria in Houston, Tx. Kahan is the CEO of Visionary Leadership and author of Getting Change Right. Kahan identified three perspectives organization leaders use when making decisions about the future. 1. Rear View Leaders that … [Read more...]

Association Members Want Movement Not Organizational Institutions

I have devoted more than twenty years of my adult life to nonprofits and associations. I have spent countless hours volunteering my time to help nonprofits succeed. I have given many staff hours to helping an industry progress. When a nonprofit works, it is a thing of beauty. It is uniquely able to do radical things such as helping the downtrodden, lending a hand to the underdog, assisting an industry's progress, educating the unlearned, challenging status quo, bettering our world, improving a … [Read more...]

Are You Prepared To Lead Your Organization Into The Future?

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Many organizations continue to view the future as a linear progression from the past. Their leadership thinks they can predict what happens next. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Myth Of Organizational Linear Progression Authors Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd discuss why this belief is fiction in their book The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop And Keep Tomorrow's Employees Today. They posit that an organization's linear progress is a myth … [Read more...]