Inject These 5 Education Disruptors In Your Conference

SelfPortraitGotJuice by MattysFlicks

Brain science is not a fad and neither is online learning. The more we learn about how we learn, the more opportunities we have to provide more meaningful and lasting learning experiences for attendees at our meetings and events. Inject These 5 Disruptors In Your Conference Education Here are the slides from my joint presentation with Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research, PCMA's Convening Leaders 2015. We discussed the research of the following five education disruptors and … [Read more...]

License Attendees To Drive Their Brains To The Streets Of Increased Conference Value

Driving by Edoardo Bartoccetti

The majority of your conference attendees believe that their conference learning is all about self discipline. They think that the more conference education sessions that they attend, the more information they can absorb. The only strategy they know is to strive hard and fast to physically hear as many speakers as possible. That intentional effort rarely works. Usually, it backfires. Part of our challenge is that we don’t understand our own brains. License To Drive To help your … [Read more...]

Activating Attendee Heart Coherence Thru Intentionally Crafted Conference Experiences

Be Mine by JDHancock

What type of emotions does your conference experience activate? “Huh?” you say. “My conference is supposed to connect on an emotional level with attendees?” Whether you like it or not, your conference does initiate some type of emotion. Unfortunately, many conference experiences are bland, sterile boring events. They lack passion, enthusiasm and emotional highs and lows. Your Brain And Your Heart Your cerebral brain is an amazing organism. It has 100 billion neurons. Each neuron has … [Read more...]

Improving Conference Experiences With The Ground Breaking Discovery Of Brain-In-The-Heart

HeartOfStorm by JD Hancock

We’ve all heard people say: “Go with your gut.” “Just follow your heart.” “Trust your instinct.” These colloquial sayings feel more like fuzzy-thinking, sensitive touchy-freely speeches or lyrical metaphors. It’s not normally something that you expect experts to say at a conference. Nor is it something we strive to create in conference experiences. But should it be? The Brain-In-The-Heart Discovery In the recent past, researchers introduced the concept of a functional “heart … [Read more...]

Five Super Effervescent Sparkling Fresh Conference Education Ideas

WaterLemon by Darlo

As a conference organizer, do you replicate last year's conference schedule and experience and just change the filling? Or do you mix it up? Constantly looking for new ways to freshen up the attendee's conference experience. The best conference organizers proactively seek fresh, new ideas to implement at their next annual meeting. They work hard at coming up with the next big idea. They are willing to make at least 25% of their annual meeting a new experience for everyone. Changing The … [Read more...]

The Tragic All Too Common Brain Busting Conference Lecture

Draffin.Aware by Jake Harris

Have you seen the Gary Larson cartoon of the student asking if he can be excused because his brain is full? As author Roy Pollock points out, it’s funny as a cartoon. However overwhelming a listener’s brain is a tragic and wasteful problem that happens in many education sessions. Especially conference keynotes and breakouts. Jam The Content In Most conference speakers try to cover too much content in their allotted time. The result is cognitive overload say education researchers. When … [Read more...]

Conference Education Sessions Must Override Attendees’ Need For Predictability

FraggleRock by Mandy Jouan

We are hard-wired to be like the Fraggles. But we are better off being like the the Doozers. Be A Doozer Not A Fraggle If you’ve ever watched the 80s tv show Fraggle Rock, you know the Fraggles and Doozers. The colorful, fur tuft tipped tail Fraggles only have a 30-minute work week. They dedicated their time to carefree enjoyment and play. They don’t like to think or work. The small green ant like Doozers spend all their time building things. They are dedicated to work and their … [Read more...]

You Must Recruit The Powerhouse Of Your Attendees’ Brains For Real Engagement

braincomputerinterface by ARS Electronica

Have you ever had a slap-your-forehead-duh-moment? Without realizing it, you have literally tapped, one of the most important regions of your brain: the prefrontal cortex (PFC). It’s the area directly behind your forehead. The PFC is a powerhouse region of your brain. It controls whether your attendees are engaged at your event. You need to know how to kick-start the PFC if you want your attendees to pay attention and be involved. And how to avoid shutting down your attendees’ PFC. The … [Read more...]