Three Levels Required To Build And Support Brain-Friendly Conferences And Events

Step by Emily Orpin

You can transform your conference or event into one of the best in world by using brain-friendly strategies. And you can help your event participants transform their personal and professional lives by applying the current science to your event. Three Levels Of Change Require Putting the neuroscience to work for your conference or event requires a three step process. 1. Start With Yourself First, building and supporting a brain-friendly conference or event must start with you. Whether … [Read more...]

All Brains Use These Four Things To Survive Conference Experiences

I Will Survive by Pollobarba

We are born with the capacity for fear and pleasure. Unfortunately, we are not born with the knowledge of what to fear. Or what gives pleasure. We learn those things. Our Brain’s Four Wants At A Conference Our brains survive most conference experiences. Regardless how good or how bad they are. It is rare to hear of someone dying from a bad conference experience. Although many of us have zombie-like near brain-death experiences because some of them are so boring. Author James E. Zull … [Read more...]

Your Brain Wants To Avoid Thinking In Conference Settings

Thinking by Vassilis Galopoulos

Your brain is built to survive! It’s in the biology and chemistry of your brain to survive at all costs. Survival and protection are at the top of the list when it comes to brain activity. It even outranks thinking in priority. Survival Trumps Thinking Your brain will avoid thinking in order to conserve energy for its survival instinct. That’s often why we don’t want to think in conference settings. And it’s why we don’t want to work in education opportunities. Remember, thinking … [Read more...]

Your Conference Planning Really Is Brain Surgery

Binford 2000 Brain Surgery by nerdmeister

You’ve heard the saying, “Come on, this is not brain surgery.” It means that something is really simple to do. We use it to encourage people to stop whining and do the obvious. Planning the right conference programming for the right target audience is profoundly simple. If you have a vision and focus. And it can lead to major attendee brain changes, almost like brain surgery. Why The Right Programming Leads To Brain Surgery…Sort Of When a conference’s programming actually clicks with an … [Read more...]

Escape Your Conference Comfort Zone To Become Happier And Smarter


Conference organizers, whatever scares you when planning your event, plan to do it now! That’s right, run to your fear and escape your conference comfort zone! Why? Busting out of your conference comfort zone leads to a longer, happier, smarter life with increased confidence, gratification and satisfaction, to paraphrase author Ken Budd. Boredom Kills Too much monotony in your conference planning strategy can actually decrease your life expectancy. That’s right! Doing the same thing, … [Read more...]

Kneebucklingly Sweet Idea Generation Tool: Brainwriting


Brainstorming is out! Brainwriting is in! Brainstorming Challenges Brainstorming is something most of us know and have used at some point in our lives. It’s a tool often used to create a list of spontaneous ideas contributed by a group. Alex Faickney Osborn popularized the tool in 1953. Osborn claimed that brainstorming was more effective than individuals working alone when creating lists of solutions. Recently, critics have declared brainstorming ineffective and even damaging. Some … [Read more...]

Too Many Meeting Professionals Are Bored With Work


Are you part of the 87% of workers that are bored at work? According to Gallup, the bulk of employees, 63% are not engaged at work. They lack motivation and are less likely to invest initiative in organizational goals or outcomes. 24% are actively disengaged. They are unhappy and unproductive at work. And their negative attitudes are contagious as they spread to their co workers. Avoid Automatic Pilot A brain that is in automation is a bored, unengaged brain! Meeting professionals … [Read more...]

The Neuroscience of Networking: Why Networking Matters To Your Conference

2014.02.18_Mentoring 411 Oct 19, 2011 #1

Your brain is passionate about one thing. So much so that when it is not thinking about a problem or focused on something specific, it defaults to doing this one thing. Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Lieberman says that our brains have a passion of their own. "We know this because our brains seem to devote all of its spare time to this one thing," says Lieberman. Thinking About Thinking So what is it that our brains really like to do? What does the brain do when it is not focused on a … [Read more...]