Snack Bite-Size Learning Rules The Roost At Conferences

Blogger Karla Gutierrez gives five reasons why bite-size learning works at Shift's eLearning blog. Here's one key point all conference organizers and speakers should know and implement: Chunk Content In 10 Min Sections Bite-size learning as well as bite-size instruction improves an attendee's psychological engagement. It prevents cognitive overload and mental burnout. It also encourages us to process information and consider its application. It is impossible for us to focus on any one … [Read more...]

Avoid The Conference Zombie Zone

2013.01.13_Avoid the Conference Zombie Zone_SS

Do your conference’s education efforts result in the living dead or do they create life-transforming moments? Meeting professionals who understand Evidence Based Education (EBE)—the science and evidence on learning –and those who apply EBE strategies derived from the research, will find their conference education efforts becoming more effective and exciting. Here is the slide deck from my pre-conference video on Avoiding The Conference Zombie Zone. Avoid The Conference Zombie Zone … [Read more...]

It Is Time To Hold Conference Speakers More Accountable


It’s time to hold speakers accountable for attendee learning, not just completed evaluation smile sheets! It’s time to encourage conference speakers to consciously improve. And if we want our conference speakers to improve, we need to provide them with information that shows where they need to improve and how to improve. What Product Does A Conference Sell? Too often, conference organizers and hosts DO NOT focus on improving the primary product they are selling to potential registrants: … [Read more...]

Just Because You Speak Does Not Mean Your Audience Learns: Eight Presenter Principles To Master

2014.01.03_speakerPop Tech

photography by kris krüg Most speakers are really good at talking! But talking to your audience does not mean that your audience is learning. Our Brains Have Limits As speakers, we have assumed that talking to an audience results in their learning. We think that their minds are like sponges absorbing what we are saying. But just hearing information does not equal learning it. You know that from talking to your kids and spouse. Just because you spoke it doesn’t mean they heard it or did … [Read more...]

Overcoming These Six Barriers To Audience Resistance To Participation

Even when you’ve adequately communicated the transition from passive attendee to active participant, some audience members will still resist. You’re challenging their comfort zone of passively sitting in a lecture. You are now asking them to engage on a different level which requires being fully present and doing something. And you’re challenging their past school years. Six Common Attendee Complaints To Participation Here are six common attendee complaints (obstacles*) and suggestions for … [Read more...]

Why Speakers And Attendees Resist Participant-Centered Education

Once you as the conference organizer are convinced that you want to move your education to more learner centric approaches, with a focus on the attendee as participant and learner, you may discover that your speakers do not respond with the same zeal. In reality, speakers and attendees may resist the new approach both passively and openly in front of others. Change can be frightening and it's easier to keep things the way they've always been done. Change requires work and it's often stepping … [Read more...]

Getting Started With Brain Friendly Presentations

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Ideas that the brain thinks about and accepts usually lead to some type of action. That seed of a concept, thought or insight can transform you life. Ultimately, learning involves change. When you learn something new, your brain changes and then our attitude or behaviors also change. When you refuse to adapt to change, you are actually refusing to learn! Ready, Set....Oh Wait, Are You Ready? Putting brain friendly principles to work is really much easier than you think. The biggest … [Read more...]

You Have The Power To Super Charge Your Attendees’ Brains

What if you as a conference organzier had the magical ability to literally change your attendees' brains for the better? Guess what! You do have that power. Wow, that's an awesome responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. Our Brain's Plasticity For more than 400 years, mainstream medicine and science believed that our brains were fixed. They didn't change or grow unless it was in the long process of decline. Conventional wisdom said that if our brains were injured, or died, they … [Read more...]