Who Is In Charge Of The Attendee Meeting Experience? Why You Need A Meeting Steward

Who is planning, facilitating and managing the attendee's experience at your conference and events? Is it the job of the meeting professional? The education or marketing departments? The conference organizers? The attendee? Often no one person or group that is involved in organizing the meeting is actually taking a holistic approach to facilitating the attendee's experience. Typically, the meeting professional is in charge of the logistics and the education department may oversee the … [Read more...]

Connecting: A Radical New Vision For Conferences And Events

Connections. As important as the plug is to the outlet so the electricity can flow. As important as the computer programming is to the wireless cell tower so our cell phones work. As important as the water faucet is to the plumbing so we can have fresh water. As important as the heart pumping blood to the brain. As important as human touch is to a newborn child. I've been having some fuzzy thinking in the corners of my mind lately about conferences, community and connections. Those … [Read more...]

The Four Cs Of Conferences And Social Media

This post is my contribution to the free eBook, Social Media For Events 2010: 7 Event Experts Weigh In On The Year Ahead compiled and created by Lara McCullouch-Carter. The Four Cs Of Conferences And Social Media Many novices and skeptics find social media confusing, much less trying to integrate social media with their events.  Why is this? First, novices and skeptics often focus exclusively on the social media tools. They think social media means playing with Facebook, LinkedIn and … [Read more...]

14 Online eCommunity Options For Your Next Annual Meeting

Online conference eCommunities were the rage in 2009 Did you offer one for your annual meeting attendees? I did. So what are they? Online eCommunities are virtual communities of people that primarily interact via the Internet for social, professional, educational or other purposes. Online Conference eCommunities have become a supplemental form of communication between people who are attending the same conference. The registrants of the face-to-face event use special online social software to … [Read more...]

Using Social Media To Listen To Your Conference Attendees

Today, StoryCorps, an independent nonprofit whose mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening, is celebrating the National Day Of Listening. In honor of the National Day Of Listening, consider how you listen to your conference attendees onsite, during the conference? We’ve all experienced it. The hallways of the conference are buzzing with chatter about the event. Attendees are discussing what’s working, what isn’t, why the organizers planned it this way, what … [Read more...]

Meetings And Events As Systems Thinking: The Community Ecosystem


Recently I wrote Meetings And Events As Systems Thinking: The Contact Sport. I talked about viewing each meeting or event within the larger context of a system using the analogy of a sports season. Here’s another way to think about your annual conference, event or meeting: part of a community ecosystem. An ecosystem (or ecological system) is a collection of organisms and the environment in which they live. Ecosystems contain dynamic interactions between plants, animals, microorganisms … [Read more...]

Meetings And Events As Systems Thinking: The Contact Sport

One of my favorite bloggers, Valeria Maltoni, has an interesting article on Marketing As Systems Thinking. Valeria says social media and relationships are contact sports. Wow, that’s a powerful analogy. If social media and relationships are contact sports, then conferences, meetings and events are the athletic fields, gymnasiums and playgrounds for player-to-player and player-to-object contact. Sometimes, the conference organizers define the rules of the game. Sometimes the audience makes … [Read more...]

How Do I Keep Up With Great Content? MyAlltop!

I admit it. I’m an information junkie. ["Hi, Jeff," the Information Junkie Anonymous crowd says in unison.] I’m a life-long learner that loves to devour new information from a variety of resources. I guess that’s why education was one of my degrees in college. [Yes, one of them.] I read a lot. I mean a whole lot. I read stuff about things that help me grow in my profession. And I read stuff that has nothing to do with my profession. That’s often how I get some of my best ideas is reading … [Read more...]