Conference Education List Sessions Are Deliciously Temptatious

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“37 Mobile Apps In Less Than 60 Minutes!” Tina Brown’s “12 Tips For Engaging Events.” “15 Industry Trends You Need To Know.” Lists! We love them! We are drawn to them. We fancy them. The Lure Of The List Conference session titles that contain a numbered list have become ubiquitous ways to attract a crowd and pack content. Why are we so attracted to lists? Why do conference session titles and descriptions that feature lists lure our brains like a moth to a flame? 1. It’s A Natural … [Read more...]

Six Tips To Create The Conference Introvert Advantage

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you’re an introvert, you’re trendy right now. There is a lot of media buzz about introversion and their inner strengths in a primarily extrovert world. One In Four... At least one in four people tends to listen more than they speak, often feels alone in large groups, and requires a lot of private time to restore their energy. They are introverts says author, researcher, educator and psychotherapist Dr. Marti Olsen Laney. According to Susan Cain, … [Read more...]

Three Conference Speaker Ahas You Need to Know

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How does your conference speaker selection process compare to other organizations? What’s working and what isn’t when it comes to selecting and securing industry and professional speakers? The Use Of Professional And Industry Speakers The past summer, Velvet Chainsaw partnered with Tagoras, a leading market research and consulting company for learning, to survey conference professionals about their use of speakers for our second speaker report. This research was initially conducted in … [Read more...]

5 Conference Conditions That Lead To Attendee Focused Attention

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Note: This post was originally published on July 11, 2011 and has been slightly edited. Attention is a payment of the brain's resources. It requires that we adjust, engage and sustain each of our nine brain areas involved in attention. We must also exclude, suppress or ignore external and internal distracters--and often that's the real difficult part. Ultimately, we need a highly disciplined internal state and the right brain chemical balance to maintain attention. This is why paying … [Read more...]

Are You Designing For The Four Stages Of Conference Experience?

As a conference organizer, are you designing for the four stages of a conference experience? Or are you only designing for attendees to consume information? If you are planning only didactic, one-way, information transfer such as lectures and panels, you are missing some great opportunities to give your attendees a more robust experience. Four Stages Of Conference Experience Most meeting professionals are unaware that there are four stages of an attendee's conference experience. They are only … [Read more...]

Five Top 2013 Conference Trends To Watch

It's that time of year again. Time to think of what trends might have an impact on conferences and meetings in 2013. So what can we expect to see as far as demands from our participants this year? Five Trends To Watch Here are five trends to watch during 2013 1. The Participation Economy From passive information consumption to actively contributing, discussing, creating and participating. Conference attendees don't want to spend $1,500 - $2,000 to attend your event and then sit passively for … [Read more...]

Four Basic Conference Principles You Must Adopt

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Brain drain or brain fuel? Which would you rather create for your conference attendees? Brain fuel for sure! Unfortunately, most conferences are nothing more than brain drains. The Traditional Conference Tension Conference organizers have to balance a common tension: fill seats versus creating a unique attendee experience. Usually, conference organizers land on the side of trying to fill as many seats as possible. Their solution to this challenge is to secure as many presenters and … [Read more...]

Moving Towards More Peeragogy Learning Experiences For Conferences And Associations

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What if at your next education experience, the speaker gave all the expert-power to the audience? What if the participants were empowered to take more control of their learning, collaboration and dialogue? It's happening in secondary schools, colleges, universities and some education experiences across the globe. It's peeragogy or paragogy, also known as peer-based learning. Defining Peeragogy In short, peeragogy is peer-based learning or learning from each other. It acknowledges the … [Read more...]