Measuring What Matters To Your Conference

RoundMeasuringSpoonsbyTheen Moy

If the only conference numbers you care about are attendance, exhibitors, revenue and profits, you will never be able to understand why those numbers fluctuate. You’re only guessing and planning conference programming through a shot-gun approach if you don’t get serious about measurement. It’s time to stop relying on your gut. Or your volunteer conference planning committee. It’s time to measure what matters to improve your conference. Data Counting Versus Measurement You probably … [Read more...]

What You Are Doing Today Probably Will Not Drive Your Long Term Conference Growth

drivegrowth by Thomas Anderson

Most conference strategy is stuck! It’s stuck in strategic thinking based on ideas and frameworks designed for a different era. Our current conference growth strategy is out of context with today’s dramatic accelerated pace of change. We have taken for granted a set of growth strategy assumptions that served us in the past. But they have been overthrown by a new set of customer and market principles. The Purpose Of Old-School Strategy Most strategic plans and goals are based on one … [Read more...]

Conference Growth Is Connected To Unique Attendee Experiences

grow-by Caleb Roenigk

If you want to grow your conference, you need to annually create a unique conference experience. You also need to create an emotional bond with your registrants. We have to remember that our registrants are people too. And your conference experience should help them solve the issues that are keeping them up at night. Our paying customers buy conference registration with a trust that we will deliver what our marketing materials say we will. And, never, ever forget that they also want a fun, … [Read more...]

Changing Conference Metrics To Design For Attendee Loyalty

Data Path by r2hox

Quick, name any business that makes money from one-time customers only. Can you do it? What business model depends upon a one-time customer purchasing services or products from the company and never returning? You probably can’t think of a successful business model that works that way. Repeat Business Is Required For Success Imagine a restaurant that has six million potential customers within a 30-mile radius. The restaurant provides average food, average service in an average … [Read more...]

How To Create An Entirely Unique, Clangorously New Conference Experience

unique by Rupert Ganzer 06-09-14

The conference market is saturated with commoditized information-driven attendee experiences. Most conferences are nothing more than status-quo, average, predictable information overloaded experiences. They reek of sameness. After you’ve attended a conference for the first time, it loses its freshness and excitement. It feels too familiar. Focus On Creating The Attendee’s Experience So how can a conference set itself apart from other commoditized experiences? Reconnect with its … [Read more...]

Delivering Community And Connections at Conferences

Photo by Steve Pate-Newberry, SPN Photography

Does your conference have connexity? Not sure what that means? Or even if your conference has it? Well, the success of your face-to-face meetings depends on it! Connexity Happens When… Connexity happens when community and connecting collide! In a good way of course. Your attendees crave these two things: They want to connect with others (and learn from and with each other). And they want to belong to a community. When you blend connecting with community you create … [Read more...]

Conference Improvement Means People Improvement


The quality of a conference’s education program cannot exceed the quality of its speakers. The message is simple. What speakers do during keynotes, breakouts, concurrents, symposiums and workshops, matters. The greatest variance in our conferences relates to our presenters. In short, a conference education program cannot give what it does not have. If it doesn’t have presenters that facilitate attendee learning, it cannot provide quality learning opportunities. Conferences Exist For … [Read more...]

Revamping Your Conference Social Media Strategy

Hairpulling byBrandy

Are you bald yet from pulling your hair out dealing with recent social medial platform changes? Or perhaps you’ve spent all afternoon biting your nails wondering how to adapt your conference social media strategy to the platform changes. Social Media Platform Changes Yet Again In the past few months, Facebook has dramatically changed how company page posts appear in our newsfeed. Organic post reach and engagement have dramatically declined. Unless your organization ponies up for paid … [Read more...]