Four Visionary Leadership Conference Mindsets Needed In The 21st Century

Framed by Rodrigo Baptista

Vision…it’s easy to talk about. It’s hard to create and implement. And it’s often even harder to upgrade. What’s your vision for the 21st Century conference? How are conferences evolving? As the new year starts, there’s no time like the present to think about creating a fresh vision and adopting a new frame of mind for your next conference. Four Visionary Conference States Of Mind The world continues to evolve at a rapid and accelerated pace. Conferences are in a unique position to … [Read more...]

Letting Go Of Past Conference Planning Experience To Foster New Ideas

OldStories by BK

I have a fairly inquisitive mind. I like to ponder things and ask tough questions. Wondering who, what, why, why not, how and when. I’m always chewing the cud so to speak. Thinking about how to improve things. Make them better. Thinking About Questions And Experiences I think a lot about how to improve a conference attendees’ education experience. I know that the traditional conference lecture doesn’t work. The research and science says so. Still, lectures are the currency of … [Read more...]

Growing Conference Technology Competency To Increase Your Value

Technology by Kate Ter Haar

As a conference organizer, how would you rank your competency regarding conference technologies like registration, speaker management databases, exhibits, conference apps, wayfinding signage, email marketing, CRM data bases and social media? Technology geek, technophobe or somewhere in between? The most effective and valuable meeting professionals are squarely in the middle. Why Two Tech Extremes Don’t Work Most geeks seem to prefer the next tech shiny object. Rarely do they align their … [Read more...]

Too Many Conferences Provide Plop, Placate And Pay

A Fool And His Money By David Goehring

Have conferences become too enthralled with experts and attendees swapping solutions? Have conference organizers resigned themselves to the inertia of the way we’ve always done it? Is the traditional conference experience in danger of being institutionalized which devalues individual expression? Are we addicted to providing passive plop, placate and pay* experiences? Are conference organizers sitting on a ticking time bomb doomed to repeat their past experiences because they don’t know of … [Read more...]

Conferences Can Cultivate Curiosity Or The Cult Of Expertise Groupies

Black Lips At Maxwells by Alex Wright

Everyone seems to be looking for the next sure thing. We like answers. We seek quick remedies. We attend conferences looking for shortcut solutions with big payouts. We expend a lot of energy to find tips to the trade, keys to success, or hacks that provide instant results. The less we have to work at it, the more we like it. Cult Of Expertise We crave and want quick cures and successful tonics to our dilemmas. We spend $1,500-$2,000 for conference registration, lodging, travel and … [Read more...]

Nonprofits Contradictions And Real World Disruptors

SupermanExtreme by JDHancock

I don’t claim to know a lot. But I am pretty confident of these two things: Change is the constant today and continues to accelerate. Our nonprofit associations are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. Six Changing Association Contexts Technology has radically altered human society, in at least six ways. (Wiley, 2006). And they are often contradictory to our nonprofit association traditions and beliefs. Here are the real … [Read more...]

6 Real World Conference Disruptors

Disruption by Tsahi Levent-Levi

All disruptions are innovations. But not all innovations are disruptors. At least that’s what Forbes writer Caroline Howard says. Think of innovation and disruption as both makers and builders. However disruption dislodges and changes how we think, act, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day tasks. Defining Disruptors Harvard Business School professor and disruption guru Clayton Christensen says that a disruption displaces an existing market, paradigm, industry, or technology. It … [Read more...]

Five Super Effervescent Sparkling Fresh Conference Education Ideas

WaterLemon by Darlo

As a conference organizer, do you replicate last year's conference schedule and experience and just change the filling? Or do you mix it up? Constantly looking for new ways to freshen up the attendee's conference experience. The best conference organizers proactively seek fresh, new ideas to implement at their next annual meeting. They work hard at coming up with the next big idea. They are willing to make at least 25% of their annual meeting a new experience for everyone. Changing The … [Read more...]