Building Your Conference Community Drip By Drip


Seth Godin has tremendous influence, particularly in marketing, publishing and entrepreneurial circles. At last count, he's written 17 bestselling books. Earlier this year, Seth published his 5,000th blog post. While other bloggers float in and out of my daily must-read list, Seth's been there for years. He's been dripping valuable insight into my brain, one post at a time. While his books provide deep learning surges, that's not why I follow him. I follow Seth because he shows up regularly and … [Read more...]

Five Forces Reshaping Associations

2013.02.08_P O T T E R Y

This past week I heard an amazing presentation by technology guru and business futurist Scott Klososky. I've been following Scott since 2007 when I first hired him to present. His presentation, "Leveraging Disruptive Innovations For Business Success," was one of the best I've seen in a while. And, it has given me a lot to consider. Technology Mastery A Must To Succeed Today Scott says that all organization leaders need to have technology mastery to succeed today. If you don't, it's a … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Strategies Light The Way For Weary Travelers

2013.02.04_folge mir

Traditional marketing methods such as broadcast emails, magazine, radio and TV ads, and web banners are fast losing their appeal. They are expensive as compared to other methods. And we ignore those ads, fast forward past TV ads on our DVRs, buy advertising free radio, use sophisticated spam filters and caller ID, and delete most broadcast emails. We walk through exhibit halls and rarely remember escalator ads, wall ads and other forms of screaming logos. In fact, research shows that most … [Read more...]

SlideShare: The Largest Professional Content Sharing Community In The World [Infographic]

2013.01.11_SlideShare The Largest Professional Content Sharing...Infographic

  According to comScore, SlideShare has 5 times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (which now owns SlideShare). Is this the social media tool that is missing from your tool box? More conferences should consider using SlideShare as a way to share content and information with those outside of their meetings. Here's an infographic on SlideShare from Column Five Media. … [Read more...]

Conference Lessons You Can Learn From Apple

2012.12.03_apple store

I walked into the newly expanded Apple Store at Knox Henderson on the day of the release of the next version of the iPhone. I hesitated at first thinking it would be packed with crowds but my iPhone was stuck in the middle of an upgrade. I needed help and I needed it fast. There was a line around the block to get in and the store was jammed. Since I was not there to pick up the new iPhone, I got to walk past the line. I walked in and found the person responsible for scheduling the Genius … [Read more...]

Getting Your Sponsors To Trigger Their Sponsorships


A trend we're seeing is that exhibitors are requiring less square footage and shifting dollars to other sponsorship opportunities. Conference organizers need to think about how to convert exhibitor's marketing dollars into sponsorship opportunities that benefit attendees. The Shift From Exhibiting To Sponsorships This shift requires a more strategic and consultative sales approach. Many conference organizers confuse sponsorship with advertising or promotion. While a custom sponsorship … [Read more...]

Using Content Marketing To Grow Conference Attendance

  Joe Pulizzi shares how he uses content marketing to grow attendance at the Content Marketing World Conference. Here’s a rundown of his video if you want to fast forward to a specific area. 00:10 – Who Is Joe Pulizzi & What Is The Content Marketing World Conference 01:00 – What Is Content Marketing? 02:07 – How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Conference Attendance 03:39 – Tips For Creating Content For Your Conference Marketing 06:59 – For More Information On Content … [Read more...]

Four Ways To Create Customer Evangelists For Your Conferences And Events

Yelp Elite Party at 1to1 - 06/06/08

What if you could create a volunteer army of true believers who spread the word about your conference? Would you? Sure you would. Creating Customer Evangelists More Profitable Than Marketing Creating customer evangelists is a more efficient and profitable approach to acquiring and retaining customers than traditional marketing says authors Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba in their book Creating Customer Evangelists. According to McConnell and Huba, putting the customer at the center of … [Read more...]