Nonprofits Contradictions And Real World Disruptors

SupermanExtreme by JDHancock

I don’t claim to know a lot. But I am pretty confident of these two things: Change is the constant today and continues to accelerate. Our nonprofit associations are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. Six Changing Association Contexts Technology has radically altered human society, in at least six ways. (Wiley, 2006). And they are often contradictory to our nonprofit association traditions and beliefs. Here are the real … [Read more...]

6 Real World Conference Disruptors

Disruption by Tsahi Levent-Levi

All disruptions are innovations. But not all innovations are disruptors. At least that’s what Forbes writer Caroline Howard says. Think of innovation and disruption as both makers and builders. However disruption dislodges and changes how we think, act, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day tasks. Defining Disruptors Harvard Business School professor and disruption guru Clayton Christensen says that a disruption displaces an existing market, paradigm, industry, or technology. It … [Read more...]

These Barriers Keep You From Conference Innovation

2013.08.27_Bokeh’d Barrier Warheads

Things are changing faster than ever before. Conference owners used to get dominance through scale. That scale came from securing the most industry-related exhibitors, sponsors and attendees as possible for your event. Then, the conference became the industry’s go-to-place for new product announcements from exhibitors, breaking industry research, the industry’s experts and the latest, greatest information. The goal was to lock in as many stakeholders (attendees, experts, exhibitors, and … [Read more...]

Five Forces Reshaping Associations

2013.02.08_P O T T E R Y

This past week I heard an amazing presentation by technology guru and business futurist Scott Klososky. I've been following Scott since 2007 when I first hired him to present. His presentation, "Leveraging Disruptive Innovations For Business Success," was one of the best I've seen in a while. And, it has given me a lot to consider. Technology Mastery A Must To Succeed Today Scott says that all organization leaders need to have technology mastery to succeed today. If you don't, it's a … [Read more...]

If You Really Understood Digital Disruption You Would Be Shaking In Your Boots

2012.11.13_Super Nervous

Business professionals drop the word disruption in conversations today as often as they discuss the stock market. And the word digital is part of our normal vernacular. Put the two words together, digital disruption, and it adds up to much more than the sum of its parts says Forrester Researcher Dr. James McQuivey. He says that if you really understood digital disruption, it would totally terrify you. Three Sources Of Digital Power According to McQuivey, three sources of digital power … [Read more...]

Our Conferences Are In Need Of An Epidemic

Are you a virus? Let me rephrase that. Do you see yourself as an innovator, a change agent, one that pushes the envelope? If you do, you may very well be a virus. Defining A Virus A virus is an infectious agent that replicates within the cells of a living host. Viruses spread in many ways. Insects spread viruses in plants and animals. Coughs and sneezes spread viruses in humans. Contact with food, water or an object where a virus landed can spread viruses. Extending The Virus Metaphor Many … [Read more...]

The Conference Innovators DNA

The Conference Innovators DNA View more presentations from Jeff Hurt Innovation. It’s the heartbeat of today’s economy. It’s also where meeting professionals need to focus their attention, time and resources to compete in the meetings marketplace. Average meetings are planned by average meeting professionals. Yet, most conference attendees don’t want to pay for an average conference. They want a unique experience. Innovative conferences are planned by innovative meeting professionals. … [Read more...]

Four Discovery Philosophies That Lead To Innovation

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How innovative is your organization? Do your executives instill in you and your coworkers the courage to try new ideas? The Source Of Organizational Innovation Organizational innovation starts at the top. At least that's the finding from The Innovator’s DNA authors Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen. They researched and studied highly innovative companies and found several common traits. Innovative organizations are led by founder-entrepreneurs who excel at discovery. … [Read more...]