How To Identify Technologies That Matter


Many of us are looking for the next, big, shiny new technology tool. Yet the noise about new technologies makes it very difficult to identify which tools really matter. The parade of new technologies and advances is persistent. So many new apps or tools appear on the world stage that we often feel overwhelmed about where to look and which to try. Some rise to the top and seem to gain public acceptance fast. Some have slow acceptance and others appear and disappear almost overnight. Four … [Read more...]

Five Forces Reshaping Associations

2013.02.08_P O T T E R Y

This past week I heard an amazing presentation by technology guru and business futurist Scott Klososky. I've been following Scott since 2007 when I first hired him to present. His presentation, "Leveraging Disruptive Innovations For Business Success," was one of the best I've seen in a while. And, it has given me a lot to consider. Technology Mastery A Must To Succeed Today Scott says that all organization leaders need to have technology mastery to succeed today. If you don't, it's a … [Read more...]

If You Really Understood Digital Disruption You Would Be Shaking In Your Boots

2012.11.13_Super Nervous

Business professionals drop the word disruption in conversations today as often as they discuss the stock market. And the word digital is part of our normal vernacular. Put the two words together, digital disruption, and it adds up to much more than the sum of its parts says Forrester Researcher Dr. James McQuivey. He says that if you really understood digital disruption, it would totally terrify you. Three Sources Of Digital Power According to McQuivey, three sources of digital power … [Read more...]

4 Top Technology Predictions That Will Affect Your Organization


These Gartner predictions highlight the trends and disruptive events that will reshape the nature of business for the next four years. They focus on changes in the role that technology plays in business performance, our personal and professional lives, and in the global economy. Gartner evaluated more than 100 predictions based on audience appeal, impact and relevance. The 2011 predictions showcase a link between technology decisions and economic and societal outcomes. Here are four top … [Read more...]

The Nonprofit Paradox: Evolve Or Expire

Two things I know for certain. Change is the constant today and continues to accelerate. Our nonprofit associations are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. Six Changing Association Contexts Technological innovations have radically changed our übersystem, human society, in at least six ways. (Wiley, 2006). Society continues to exert increasing competitive pressure on our traditional nonprofit institutions. Evolve or expire is the … [Read more...]

Disrupting Conferences: 6 Nonprofit Institution Disconnects

Are we witnessing a digital revolution? Or digital evolution? Can we simply adapt and apply old skills to new contexts? Or do we need to learn new ways of thinking, doing and being? One thing is certain. Our nonprofit institutions are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. The Traditional Nonprofit Conference Scenario Consider the following typical conference scenario: After registering for a conference and paying a fee, Sue travels … [Read more...]

The Conference Collision: Old School Organizers, Status Quo Speakers, Disruptive Technologies And Attendee 2.0

Disruptive technologies have impacted the way we communicate and work for years. The relationship among event organizers, presenters and audiences is undergoing a fundamental change. Attendee 2.0 has embraced social media platforms and frequently engages in the backchannel discussing the event before, during and after the meeting. Attendee 2.0 has no problem reviewing the conference or expo, whether negative or positive and posting online for all to read. Many believe that the interaction … [Read more...]