Using Gamification As A Crowdsource Channel To Improve The Conference Experience

2014.02.13_Coney Island, New York

Gamification is catching more attention in conference and expo circles. Typically, conference organizers will create a game within the context of an event to increase attendee exposure to a product or service. Gamification is often used to shine a light on sponsors and exhibitors. Things like "Visit these exhibitors and get your passport stamped for a chance to win a free...." While gamification might trigger more traffic, eyeballs or clicks, opinions vary on whether it's generating … [Read more...]

Want To Make Conference Learning Stick? Try Gamification!

Want to make your conference education more fun and memorable? Then maybe you should consider gamification. Simply put, gamification is the use of game mechanics to make learning and instruction more fun and to increase retention. Learning And Gamification Make A Great Team Coupling gamification and learning: gives an experience meaning provides a set of boundaries within a safe environment to explore, think and try new things motivates players to succeed and reduces the sting of failure • … [Read more...]

Gamification Needs These Nine Game Fundamentals To Increase Engagement, Adoption And Success

Pac M & Man by Ram Yoga

Gamification. It's a weird word for sure. It includes the word game that many of us know from our own childhood experiences. So does gamification mean more organizations should embrace games like Go Fish, Kerplunk, Life, Monopoly, Poker, Solitaire and UNO? Well, sort of. It means that game fundamentals can apply to education, instruction, learning and real-world work with positive results. And gamification is a trend in corporations, conferences, education, online communities, retail … [Read more...]

Using Gamification To Influence Event Participants’ Behavior

Gamification is the current shiny object for the meetings and events industry. Why all the hype about gamification? As the business sector is discovering, gamification has the power to Increase and improve customer engagement Build customer loyalty Incent customers to do specific things  Defining Gamification  Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game dynamics for non-game applications. It is also known as funware. Gamification borrows key concepts from related areas including … [Read more...]