Develop An Organization That Succeeds Through A Culture Of Learning Infographic


Modern organizations need to develop a learning culture... ...If they want to survive in the rapidly changing world in which we now live. A learning culture is a work environment that supports all employees constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.  Our knowledge and skills can become outdated quickly. Successful organizations hire those that embrace life-long learning. These employees know that improving their organization depends upon their learning. Infographic created by … [Read more...]

Is Your Success Dependent Upon Proving You Are Smart Or Learning?

Success Or Failure by Chris Potter

I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or successes and failures… I divide the world into learners and non-learners. ~ Sociologists Benjamin Barber. Your Drive To Learn All babies are eager to learn says Stanford professor, neuroscience researcher and author Dr. Carol Dweck. “You never see an unmotivated baby,” she says. If you have kids, you watched them grow up. As an infants and toddlers, they stretched their skills daily to learn. Your child had great gusto to face … [Read more...]

Who Killed Adult Curiosity?


As young children, curiosity made us jump in a mud puddle. Try to catch fireflies. And chase our shadows. It was our motivation for learning and play. When we discovered that if we mixed red and yellow finger paint, we created orange, we went on a frenzy mixing all types of colors. Our final images were modern surrealist paintings of flowing purples, brown, blacks and grays. Losing Our Curiosity Yet as we aged, we stopped embracing our curiosity. We lost touch with the playful feeling of … [Read more...]

Conference Execution As Attendee Learning

2014.04.28_Conference NWX2012

Most conference organizers believe that the delivery of information in an efficient, timely, productive manner is the key to attendee satisfaction, success and financial stability. We focus primarily on the efficient execution of delivery of content. But in today’s knowledge economy, that is not enough. The focus on controlling information flow, creating a one-way and top-down hierarchical pre-planned well-executed logistical conference experience won’t cut it. The conference mind-set that … [Read more...]

Building Your Conference Community Drip By Drip


Seth Godin has tremendous influence, particularly in marketing, publishing and entrepreneurial circles. At last count, he's written 17 bestselling books. Earlier this year, Seth published his 5,000th blog post. While other bloggers float in and out of my daily must-read list, Seth's been there for years. He's been dripping valuable insight into my brain, one post at a time. While his books provide deep learning surges, that's not why I follow him. I follow Seth because he shows up regularly and … [Read more...]

Association Professionals And Conference Organizers: Embrace Curiosity To Avoid Stagnation

2013.09.24_green scum

In today’s rapidly changing world, if you are not moving forward, you are falling behind. Our challenge is to keep pace with the changing tides of our profession. To do that, you have to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn. It’s your job to take control of your personal and professional growth to ensure that your skill set is current. Does Your Employer Define Your Skills Set? Who defines your skills set? Is it your employer based on the needs of your organization? As author David … [Read more...]

Five Learning Agility Traits You Need To Keep From Failing


In today’s world of high velocity change, conference organizers, meeting professionals and association leaders need to be more agile than ever. Adapting to new business models, working with virtual teams, identifying ongoing macro, industry and organization trends that will impact customers, and using predictive analysis are just some of the traits today’s leaders need. In short, being more agile and flexible are critical to success. Defining Learning Agility How stuck are you in your … [Read more...]

Why Your Conference Needs A Listening Space

2013.06.14_♪♫ Waiting for the pumpkins to grow... by Lucia Whittaker, on Flickr

I decided it was a cold coffee type of a morning. A Starbucks Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino would do nicely. Play That Funky Music White Boy! On the drive to the coffee shop, a new funky song came on the radio. It immediately transported me to my high school days. It had that Soul Train kind of funk that makes you want to get up and move to the grove and do the bump! I found myself “car dancing” where you only shake your hips and throw your hands in the air as you drive. On the … [Read more...]