Is Your Association Taking Advantage Of The Three Stages Of Social Commerce

2013.02.26_Like Books

I suspect that your association has taken advantage of eCommerce. It's probably how all of your organization's online transactions occur. But has your organization leveraged sCommerce? Defining Social Commerce (sCommerce) Social commerce is the use of social networks in the context of eCommerce transactions. It involves using social media that supports social interactions and user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. ~ Wikipedia Yahoo was the … [Read more...]

Social Media And Events Continue To Grow: 2012 Research

Social Media Head Bubble

Marketers still place a high value on social media. 83% of marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner indicate that social media is important to their business. 73% of event organizers surveyed by Amiando indicate that social media is important to their conferences, events and meetings. Clearly social media is a fad that's gone rad and part of the norm. 2012 Interesting Social Media Stats For Marketing And Events Here are some interesting 2012 social media stats comparing business … [Read more...]

Three Steps To Target And Engage Facebook Power Users [Infographic]

  According to the Pew Research, the typical Facebook user receives more comments, messages and likes than they give. Why? Everyone has a few zealous Facebook friends that are highly engaged in one or more of Facebook's activities. These friends are "power users. They are the invisible drivers of most of the site's activities. So who are these power users? Why should your organization care? And how do you target and engage them? This Demandforce and Column Five infographic will give … [Read more...]