Association Virtual Event Strategy Benchmarking

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller Virtual event strategies are evolving fast too! First, many tried to monetize them (instead of viewing them as a campaign). Next, quite a few associations embraced hybrid as their future. Now we’re seeing a trend emerging with scheduled replays. But do any of us know what’s working best or what the future holds? We Need More Data Luckily, our friends over at Tagoras are going to … [Read more...]

The Isaac Advantage

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Conference organizers who are in it for the long run know that partnerships really matter. In my mind, the best partnerships are the ones where your supplier is doing everything they can to help you win. If you’re strictly looking at them as an expense that needs to be cut, you’re probably working with the wrong “partner” - or possibly for the wrong employer. During a consulting gig a few years ago, I learned about an AV guy named Isaac. Isaac was so good that one association would follow … [Read more...]

Is Your Association Taking Advantage Of The Three Stages Of Social Commerce

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I suspect that your association has taken advantage of eCommerce. It's probably how all of your organization's online transactions occur. But has your organization leveraged sCommerce? Defining Social Commerce (sCommerce) Social commerce is the use of social networks in the context of eCommerce transactions. It involves using social media that supports social interactions and user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. ~ Wikipedia Yahoo was the … [Read more...]

If You Really Understood Digital Disruption You Would Be Shaking In Your Boots

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Business professionals drop the word disruption in conversations today as often as they discuss the stock market. And the word digital is part of our normal vernacular. Put the two words together, digital disruption, and it adds up to much more than the sum of its parts says Forrester Researcher Dr. James McQuivey. He says that if you really understood digital disruption, it would totally terrify you. Three Sources Of Digital Power According to McQuivey, three sources of digital power … [Read more...]

Wireless Technology Is Changing Our Lives [Infographic]


  To better understand attitudes about mass mobility, TIME, in cooperation with Qualcomm, surveyed 4,700 people online and 300 by phone in eight countries, from June 29 to July 28. Here are some of the findings. Read more. Click infographic to view a larger image. What strikes you the most from this infographic? How has wireless technology changed your work? … [Read more...]

Top Ten 2012 Strategic Technology Trends

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These top ten strategic technology trends will affect your organization in 2012. Will you be prepared to take advantage of them? Gartner's analysts presented these trends at the October 2011 Symposium/ITxpo. They suggest that organization leaders should consider this list now in their strategic planning process. Defining Strategic Technology What is strategic technology? According to Gartner analysts, strategic technology is one that: Will have significant impact on the … [Read more...]

4 Top Technology Predictions That Will Affect Your Organization


These Gartner predictions highlight the trends and disruptive events that will reshape the nature of business for the next four years. They focus on changes in the role that technology plays in business performance, our personal and professional lives, and in the global economy. Gartner evaluated more than 100 predictions based on audience appeal, impact and relevance. The 2011 predictions showcase a link between technology decisions and economic and societal outcomes. Here are four top … [Read more...]