Ambush Marketing: 4 Ways to Diffuse Conference Scammers

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A few practices keep chipping away at the integrity of professional events. Chief among them are outboarding, when companies bypass exhibiting or sponsoring and set up shop on the fringe of your event, and suitcasing, which refers to non-exhibiting sellers who work the aisles or hallways. Lobby rats — non-registered folks who hang out in public spaces, hosting a series of meet-ups with your badged attendees — is also a growing problem. Left unchecked, these scammers pose a major threat to … [Read more...]

Your Competitors Are Using Big Data To Improve Their Events [Infographic]

Big Data by Infocux Technologies

Big data has been on the lips of many business professionals for some time now. So is it a big mistake or a promising trend to apply? Expo and Global Experience Specialists (GES) developed a study that looks at how event producers and exhibitors are collecting and analyzing data to help their customers and their own organizations. Here is an infographic they produced with some highlights from the full report. How does your tradeshow data collection compare to this infographic? What … [Read more...]

The Isaac Advantage

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Conference organizers who are in it for the long run know that partnerships really matter. In my mind, the best partnerships are the ones where your supplier is doing everything they can to help you win. If you’re strictly looking at them as an expense that needs to be cut, you’re probably working with the wrong “partner” - or possibly for the wrong employer. During a consulting gig a few years ago, I learned about an AV guy named Isaac. Isaac was so good that one association would follow … [Read more...]

Could Old School Exhibitors Damage Your Expo Brand?

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I just Googled "Trade Show Sales Tips" and retrieved 2+ million results. No big surprise, as hardly a week goes by without spotting articles like these. Unfortunately, the people who need to read these articles never do. Does Acceptance Of All Exhibitors Come At A Cost? Some expo floors are run like well-oiled machines, where every element is inspected and perfected to ensure high satisfaction for both attendees and exhibitors. Others copy last year's playbook, rinse and repeat. Often … [Read more...]

20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 And Beyond

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The events, exhibitions and meetings industry continues to evolve as it faces global changes and disruptive innovation. Here are 20+ tradeshow trends for exhibitors and show managers. 20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 & Beyond from Jeff Hurt View this the 20+ Tradeshow Trends for 2014 & Beyond in your own broswer . What trends would you add to this list? What trends are missing? … [Read more...]

Leeches, Poachers And Outboarders: Controversial Tradeshow Challenges

Recently, Rick Calvert, CEO & Co-Founder of Blogworld & New Media Expo, wrote How Suitcasing and Outboarding Harm Events. The post attempts to tackle two very controversial challenges for our industry: suitcasing and outboarding. Go ahead and take a few minutes to read Rick’s entire blog post and leave a comment with your opinions or support. I’ll wait here while you read and comment. It’ll be worth it. Defining Suitcasing and Outboarding To make sure we are all on the same page, here … [Read more...]

Nine Convention Center Trends For 2013

Recently I participated in the Convention Sales Professional International's Annual Conference "Tool Box For Success 2013." I moderated a panel called "Current And Future Trends" with three meeting professionals and two CSPI members. Don't worry! If you know me, you know it was not a traditional panel. I purposely included audience peer discussion on the key issues identified by the panelists. Nine Trends Meeting Planners Should Watch Here are nine trends that the panelists identified. 1. … [Read more...]

Five Symptoms That Your Expo Is About To Fail

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I'd estimate that maybe 25 percent of those reading this post would do better to sunset your expo for either your annual or topical conference. Are you stunned by this statement? Hear me out. While most associations crave non-dues revenue, sometimes the expo portion of your program is a drag on profit speed. Perhaps it's not delivering the same bottom-line results as it did in years past. Perhaps it's not as highly valued by your paying attendees. Five Business Indicators  To Analyze Here … [Read more...]