Using Gamification As A Crowdsource Channel To Improve The Conference Experience

2014.02.13_Coney Island, New York

Gamification is catching more attention in conference and expo circles. Typically, conference organizers will create a game within the context of an event to increase attendee exposure to a product or service. Gamification is often used to shine a light on sponsors and exhibitors. Things like "Visit these exhibitors and get your passport stamped for a chance to win a free...." While gamification might trigger more traffic, eyeballs or clicks, opinions vary on whether it's generating … [Read more...]

Visual Social Media Rules! Tips To Leverage Visual Social Media [Infographic]

We dream in images. We think in images. We speak in images. Images are the currency of our brains. Is it any wonder that we are drawn to visual social media? Take a look at this infographic from What tips would you add to this list about using visuals in social media? Why do we like lists so much? … [Read more...]

Now Proven! Using Twitter At Conferences Increases Attendee Engagement

It's official! Research now shows that when people use Twitter during classes, they are more engaged and learn more. We can now stop debating the issue. And all the naysayers who find Twitter use during an education session distracting can stop their diatribes against Twitter. The proof is in the Twitteracy (Twitter-literacy). Twitteracy: Tweeting Improves Learning And Engagement Education Professor Christine Greenhow, Michigan State University, conducted a study on Twitter as a new form of … [Read more...]