Juice Up Your Conference App

2012.08.27_The Apple Iphone 3GS

It's time to juice up your attendees' conference experience with a mobile app. The best built-for-purpose conference apps provide a seamless and user-friendly experience that can be customized by the attendee. Conference Mobile Apps Here To Stay Built-for-purpose conference apps have hit the fast-follower stage. In fact, most major conferences are in their second or third year of implementing this attendee-centric tool. The quickly changing app landscape, however, means everyone can … [Read more...]

You Need A Better Internet Filter: Try Human Curation [Infographic]

. It's technically impossible for the Internet to be full. Yet our patience is limited when it comes to finding the right information at the right time to solve our problems right now! Curation is becoming a more valuable resource to those that don't want to sift through hordes of data and pages of links to find that critical information. Much less, make sense of all that information. Just take a look at this Infographic by CurationSoft and you'll see why curation is important to tune in to … [Read more...]

Three Effective Social Media Strategies

Out:  Using Facebook pages and organization Twitter accounts to solely broadcast newsletters, press releases, announcements and sales. In: Using social media intentionally, integrated with all marketing channels and crossing organizational silos, to engage people. Who do we want to engage? People we already know. People we don't know. From Loyalty To Acquisition Most social media strategies engage people who have an awareness that the organization already exists. The purpose is to serve as … [Read more...]

Connect To The New Social Nervous System Or Become Roadkill

"What is transpiring is momentous, nothing less than the planet wiring itself a new nervous system.  If your organization is not linked into this nervous system, you will be hard pressed to participate in the planet's future. To be more specific, amidst the texting and Twittering and Facebooking of a generation of digital natives, the fundamentals of next-generation communication and collaboration are being worked out. For them, it is clear, there is no going back. So at minimum, if you … [Read more...]

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 3 – Onsite Engagement, Follow-Up And 16 Resources

This is the third in a series on using Twitter at your conference or event. A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 - Preparing For The Event A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 2 - Marketing And Engagement You've set up your hashtag, marketed it on your conference materials and your marketing engagement plan is moving forward. Is there still more to do? Yes. Now it's time to think seriously about your onsite Twitter engagement. 9 Steps To Use Twitter For Onsite Engagement and Follow-Up. 1. … [Read more...]

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 – Preparing For The Event

It's like the sound of fingernails scraping on a chalkboard. It's unpleasant. And annoying.  It similar to a primate's warning cry striking fear in the tribe that a predator is near. Few of us can avoid cringing in agony when we hear that sound. We respond with adverse reactions. That's exactly how I feel when I hear meeting professionals say the following sentence: "My attendees are not using Twitter or social media so I don't need to be concerned about it." A-r-g-h-h-h! Just hold me down … [Read more...]

The One Technology Tool Most Associations And Conferences Need Today

Today's networked individuals have shaped the Internet into something especially hospitable to an emerging class of citizens - the participatory class. The Internet pioneers built into its structure, organization, model of governance and sustainability, the potential for creation, collaboration, sharing and interactive learning. One of the most important characteristics of this Web 2.0 World is its capacity to allow for a worldwide community as well as subsets to build likeminded tribes and … [Read more...]

Five New Event And Meetings Tech Tools To Consider

Have you seen these new meeting and event tech tools? Sometimes staying abreast of the latest tech tools can seem daunting, especially in a world where change is the constant. Here are five tech tools that are worth reviewing. almost.at - Online Free Real Time Event Aggregator Website A free conference and event real-time aggregator website. Freelance iPhone developer David Cann built almost.at on the Cappuccino web framework. It has four main columns: Far Left - conferences, events and … [Read more...]