Engineering Education Strategies For Next Generation Conferences And Events – Wrap Up

On June 14, 2010, at PCMA’s Education Conference at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, I facilitated a discussion about the changes of learning in the digital age and their impact on conference education. We discussed these six principles of designing next generation sessions for today’s conferences.

Conference education
1. Should transition from passive listening to participatory learning.
2. Must transition from presumed authority to collective credibility.
3. Must transition from vertical, authoritative to horizontal structures.
4. Should provide a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities.
5. Should transition to networked learning.
6. Should be interactive and without walls.

Here is the copy of the PPT Slidedeck that I used at this event.

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What barriers keep meeting professionals from using these six principles? What concerns or delights you most about these principles.



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