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The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

Have you ever attended a conference education session because of the presenter and not the content? (I think most of us have.) Have you ever been surprised when a full day workshop ended? You were so engaged that time flew by without you realizing it. If you’ve had these types of experiences, you’ve witnessed firsthand … [Read more…]

Attract With Content; Keep Them With The Experience

The internet has made world-class content front, center, mobile and affordable—often free. Anyone can hear the best experts for free (or nearly free) on almost any device they own. Anyone can get thought leadership at their fingertips. And your conference audience does. They have access to the same information you do. They can hear, watch … [Read more…]

Avoiding Personal Agendas and Pay-to-Play In The Speaker Review Process

We’ve seen it happen in almost every organization where we assessed their speaker review process. Someone on the conference committee blackballs a great presentation or speaker. Or someone approves a presentation proposal and speaker that has had poor scores in the past. Why does this happen? Conference committee members put personal agendas and friendships above … [Read more…]

Changes In The Information Cycle Are Driving Conference Education Reform

Conferences (and associations) used to be the go-to source for information and content about a profession or industry. Today, the tools of content creation and distribution actually rest in the hands of individuals. Anyone can create and share content. While not everyone wants to be a content creator, everyone has an interest in organizing and … [Read more…]

The Function Of Content Changes In Revolutionary Conferences

Conference organizers strong commitment to content actually blocks the path to more attendee-focused and learner-centric conference experiences. This focus on content as the core of the conference creates a barrier that obstructs presenters. Most speakers freely acknowledge that the need to cover content strongly influences, and often dictates, their presentation decisions. Our allegiance to content … [Read more…]

Is Your Conference Guilty Of Content Bulimia?

Is your conference guilty of creating content bulimia for its stakeholders? You attendees binge and purge information at great speeds as your presenters race to cover content. They enter a room and receive a shovel load of content pushed at them at warp speeds. They think they are consuming as much as possible. As soon … [Read more…]

Is Your Conference Churning Out Junk Information?

We live in world where overconsumption is the norm. We over consume things to keep up with the Jones and Smiths. We over consume food at all you can eat smorgasbord buffets and 24 hour drive thrus. We over consume information from a variety of sources. Today, we have factory farms that churn out junk … [Read more…]

Zombie Conferences Create Dead Leaders Walking

Is your annual meeting nothing more than a zombie conference? Zombie conferences provide schedules packed full of informative presentations and sessions that try to consume your brain. Presenters rapidly shovel content at attendees. Their goal is to cram as much information as possible into a person’s mind. They stuff more information into their presentation aiming … [Read more…]

Content Marketing Strategies Light The Way For Weary Travelers

Traditional marketing methods such as broadcast emails, magazine, radio and TV ads, and web banners are fast losing their appeal. They are expensive as compared to other methods. And we ignore those ads, fast forward past TV ads on our DVRs, buy advertising free radio, use sophisticated spam filters and caller ID, and delete most … [Read more…]

Events As The New Black In Content Marketing

Using Events As Content Marketing View more presentations from Jeff Hurt Here is the slide deck from my recent presentation at Event Solutions’ Idea Factory 2012 in Las Vegas. Possible Event Content Marketing Business Goals What type of goals might your clients have when considering a face to face event as a content marketing strategy? … [Read more…]