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Top Trends for Your Event’s Social Influencer Campaign

The great resignation, coupled by increases in unsubscribes, have made it more difficult than ever to reach the inbox of potential attendees and conference participants. The events community can learn a lot from the B2C social landscape as we navigate the ins and outs of best practices and trends for moving fence-sitters to paying registrants. … [Read more…]

Using Gamification As A Crowdsource Channel To Improve The Conference Experience

Gamification is catching more attention in conference and expo circles. Typically, conference organizers will create a game within the context of an event to increase attendee exposure to a product or service. Gamification is often used to shine a light on sponsors and exhibitors. Things like “Visit these exhibitors and get your passport stamped for a … [Read more…]

Is Your Association Taking Advantage Of The Three Stages Of Social Commerce

I suspect that your association has taken advantage of eCommerce. It’s probably how all of your organization’s online transactions occur. But has your organization leveraged sCommerce? Defining Social Commerce (sCommerce) Social commerce is the use of social networks in the context of eCommerce transactions. It involves using social media that supports social interactions and user … [Read more…]

Millennials Favor Texting, Do Not Value Email

Did you know that texting is the number one form of writing today among Millennials? Some may guffaw at the thought of texting as a form of writing. Purists scream that young people today don’t know how to write, spell or use proper forms of grammar. Texting Is Writing Says Research Michigan State University Writing … [Read more…]

Speakers Required To Promote Your Conference In Social Media Must Follow FTC Endorsement Guidelines

We’ve come a long way, baby! ~ Loretta Lynn The times they are a-changing. ~ Bob Dylan The catch-phrases are abundant that our world and work continues to evolve. The Ever-Evolving Conference Speaker Contract Nowhere is this evolution more evident than some conference speaker contracts. I have personally seen a change in some conference speaker … [Read more…]

Social Media, Social Technology Tools And Social Learning For Your Conference

OK, I admit it. I’m an information junkie! I’m addicted to learning new information. Learning, My Drug Of Choice Learning is my drug of choice. I get a high when my internal light bulb flashes. With each aha, my body is flooded with endorphins. I consume hordes of information on a regular basis. I love … [Read more…]

Conferences Should Mirror These CEO Employee Expectations

1,700+ CEOs in 64 countries identified collaboration, agility, mining connections and relationships, and innovation through partnering as the top critical traits that their employees need today. According to CEOs, the top four personal characteristics most critical for employees success were: collaboration, communicative, creative and flexible. CEOs seek employees who will thrive in an open environment. … [Read more…]

Helping Your Attendees Aspire To Their Dreams

I strongly believe that consumption is less about reflecting who we are–even though that’s clearly a fundamental dimension of it–as much as it’s about who we wish to be. ~ Paul Mullins, The Archaeology Of Consumer Culture. Your conference attendees’ choice of education sessions identifies who they are and also about who they want to … [Read more…]

The Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

  Like the telephone and email, social media is not going away. It’s not going to implode, explode or just die. It’s a communication tool that will be around for a long time. People use social media for personal and business reasons. They use it for entertainment, to learn, to network and to source products … [Read more…]