Event Technology

Key Vendor Service-Level Expectations

Key vendors who service the events industry lost a great deal of experienced talent during the pandemic and they haven’t fully restaffed. Here’s how event organizers can ensure they are still getting the service they require. Catering and convention services managers, AV/production project managers/producers, general service contractors, and housing and registration service providers — these … [Read more…]

Does the Perfect Virtual Event Platform Exist?

The answer, based on my unscientific survey of a dozen association leaders, is a resounding no.  Planners are wading through recommendations from colleagues, trusted vendors and online forums to find the best platform for their needs.  And it’s a murky and often frustrating experience.  While there are many excellent solutions out there, none are “perfect” … [Read more…]

5 Improvements for Event Registration Data Collection

It’s difficult to determine what to include — and not include — when collecting attendee data at the time of conference registration.  We need to make it easy to click “yes” during the registration process, while also collecting intelligence to drive personalization. Data fields and pick lists should be normalized and updated across membership, meetings, … [Read more…]

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Your guidepost for event-technology decisions should be to put your customer’s experience before your staff efficiency. As the event-tech space continues to evolve with a number of mergers and acquisitions, I see four changes coming for larger annual conferences. #1. Security is Expensive, but Critical Conference organizers are generally unaware that last year most event-technology … [Read more…]

Event App Due Diligence

Editor’s Note: This article was originally penned for PCMA’s Convene in the beginning of August, early on in the discovery that the Apple App Store’s change in guidelines could affect branded mobile event apps. Much has been written since, including evidence that Apple is taking action with some event app providers. From our view, our … [Read more…]

Ten Criteria for Vetting Event Technology Solution Providers (Updated)

Over the past decade, there have been significant upgrades and newcomers in the event technology space. These solutions claim to increase revenue, streamline processes, drive attendance, improve the attendee experience, provide data/insight and/or deliver ROI. There are several hundred event technology providers competing to win your business. When you consider varying pricing structures, functionality, and … [Read more…]

Hybrid Meetings Doomed to Failure? Not So Fast

I’ll admit that in 2011, when the Virtual Edge Institute (now called the Digital Experience Institute) first co-located its conference with the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders, the experience fell flat for me. At the time, a mere six years ago, the fledgling for-profit entity that wagered its future on the potential of virtual … [Read more…]

Implicit vs. Explicit: Beyond the Badge Mass Personalization

Whether your data capture and personalization efforts are implicit, explicit or a combination, it’s critical to develop a rubric. When combined with behavioral data, paths for mass personalization will emerge. Many associations are at the beginning of this journey and will learn much from internet commerce best practices. My Big Move Late last year, I … [Read more…]

Harness Your Conference Data To Produce Big Insights

Appeasing conference stakeholders has become more complex and difficult in today’s fast changing business climate. Maintaining and growing share of wallet, attention and loyalty requires intentionality. To out maneuver the conference competition, we have to be nimble, decisive and in constant beta mode. To compete today requires identifying, selling and leading change. This is a … [Read more…]