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Empowering Conference Registrants To See Learning As A Journey Not A Finish Line

Do your conference learning opportunities—from the general session to networking to breakouts to deep dive workshops—empower registrants to participate in their own learning journey? Or do your conference education sessions motivate participants to see the finish line? Their learning stops once the session ends. Authentic learner-centered conferences foster a connection between the participant and the … [Read more…]

The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

Have you ever attended a conference education session because of the presenter and not the content? (I think most of us have.) Have you ever been surprised when a full day workshop ended? You were so engaged that time flew by without you realizing it. If you’ve had these types of experiences, you’ve witnessed firsthand … [Read more…]

Conferences Can Serve As Friendly Frontiers For The Insatiably Curious To Play

Your conference could be a place for your customers to experience unrestricted curiosity and play. But most of the time it’s not. Curiosity becomes codified into bureaucratic traditional expert-centric instructional models—lectures and panel discussions. And that passive sedentary process actually controls and squelches most curious thinking. And forget play! Authentic curiosity does not come from … [Read more…]

Six Issues Associations Are Having Difficulty Responding To

Many associations are slow to change. Often association leadership views change as something that disrupts the peace. They want to maintain the status quo. When beliefs that we lean on and build programming around change, we flinch. We deny. We fight and scream to maintain the past. Yet, sometimes, these changes proceed forward like waves … [Read more…]

Conference Pivoting: Memory, Remembering, Cues And Mnemonics

Viewing a conference presenter does not give it much sticking power in the memory to paraphrase cognitive psychologist Dr. Daniel Willingham. Ouch, that’s certainly smacks at the primary conference education session—the traditional lecture. Viewing a conference lecture, even reviewing its recording later, leads to the illusion that the viewer knows the material because it seems … [Read more…]

Time To Pivot: Rethinking Human Memory And Remembering For Conference Education

How does the mind work, especially how does it remember things from your event? Well, it’s probably not like your currently believe. Creating a memorable event is not enough! Unforgettable memorable events, which most of us aim to offer, misguide your attendees because our memories do not accurately record an event or experience. Your memory … [Read more…]

Creating Sticky Learning: Complimentary (Sales Free) VCC Webinar July 30

As adults, we are rather lazy learners. Much of what we hold as fact regarding learning is actually illusion. We waste a lot of effort, time and resources with common-sense accepted educational practices that are rooted in intuition, tradition and myth. The most effective learning strategies and education programming are counter-intuitive. We need to build … [Read more…]

Impotent Conferences Are Powerless To Influence Forward Movement

Imagine a radio station that played adult contemporary, classical, country, dance, electronic, golden oldies, heavy metal, news, pop, R&B, rock, southern gospel and talk alternating between each. What if this commercial radio station tried to appeal to everyone’s musical taste as well as news and talk radio? How successful would it be? It wouldn’t work, … [Read more…]

Develop An Organization That Succeeds Through A Culture Of Learning Infographic

Modern organizations need to develop a learning culture… …If they want to survive in the rapidly changing world in which we now live. A learning culture is a work environment that supports all employees constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.  Our knowledge and skills can become outdated quickly. Successful organizations hire those that embrace life-long learning. … [Read more…]

Is Your Success Dependent Upon Proving You Are Smart Or Learning?

I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or successes and failures… I divide the world into learners and non-learners. ~ Sociologists Benjamin Barber. Your Drive To Learn All babies are eager to learn says Stanford professor, neuroscience researcher and author Dr. Carol Dweck. “You never see an unmotivated baby,” she says. … [Read more…]