Sponsorship Mattering: From Logos and Noise to Emotional Experiences [Free eBook]

Bio page 18Sponsorships featuring logos, eyeballs and impressions don’t carry the same value they once did.

At the same time, sponsorship buyers are becoming more sophisticated about the dollars they invest and how they leverage emotional marketing. They’re also refining their palate to deliver more intimate customer and prospect experiences including hosting their own exclusive events.

Conference and trade show organizers now find themselves immersed in a prove-it-or-lose-it sponsorship environment. Those who fall short on proof of performance will churn through sponsors, as they watch margins decline. Those who step up to deliver more meaningful benefits, grounded in attendee mattering will not only survive, but thrive.

Increasing sponsorship revenue is one of the highest priorities for our customers. Over the past couple of years, we’ve analyzed, researched and learned quite a bit to help move this needle. Many of you have helped formulate our higher level thoughts for the next evolution of event based sponsorships for B2B conferences. The sum total of this work lays out four big concepts that can help guide your organization to higher revenue and improved experiences:

  1. Why a Change in Sponsorship Strategy is Urgent
  2. Sponsorships Built on Attendee Mattering
  3. Driving Change with Current Investors
  4. Helping Sponsors Turbocharge Their Activation Plan

We’re making this eBook available to our blog subscribers. Click the cover below (or this link) to get your free copy – no strings attached, no login required!

Sponsorship MatteringOnce you give this a read, we’d love to get your feedback. Which big concepts resonate best for your situation? What new ideas do you have for aligning sponsorship strategy with attendee mattering?

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