Conference Connexity: Deliver Your Networking Promise Webinar September 9

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We spend the majority of our day in front of screens and media (digital, print & TV) says eMarketer.

No wonder we are starved for face to face interactions! Your organization can help satisfy our cravings for community and connections by delivering conference experiences that foster connexity.

Connexity is more than speed networking. It is more than just an evening reception or party. It is a tech term for the merging of community and connections. And it is one of the main reasons people attend your conference.

Face to Face Interactions Are A Premium

As you plan your conference, you have to be intentional about designing experiences that foster connexity. It shouldn’t be an afterthought. Nor should it be something that you hope happens at the opening reception. You have to create and plan it!

Connexity adds more to your conference’s value proposition than traditional networking. And it’s a strategic priority that you should invest time and money into designing, implementing and nurturing.

Free Connexity Webinar

Join me September 9 at 2 pm Eastern to discover how to create a connexity game plan. We’ll explore how to ensure that attendees make meaningful connections driven by shared experiences and rich knowledge-sharing. Connexity is something you should create and scale across your entire event.

To Register

To register for Conference Connexity Webinar or other webinars, you’ll need to create a quick account first with your first and last name, email and a password.

Once you’ve created an account, login and register. You’ll receive a confirmation email and reminder notices once you’ve registered.

VCC Webinar Series

VCC has partnered with CommPartners, our platform of choice, to provide these complimentary no-sales zone webinars. We are using CommPartner’s social learning platform Elevate which leverages peer to peer learning. We are grateful for their partnership and guidance.

Our webinar goal is two-fold:

1. Provide high-quality, engaging learning experiences.

2. Model participatory digital learning experiences.

Upcoming VCC Webinars

We hope to see you online during one of our digital learning experiences.

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  1. Soraya Deen says:

    I am looking forward for trends and best practices for my upcoming conference, THE MUSLIM WOMEN SPEAKERS SUMMIT.

  2. Sarah Michel says:

    Wonderful Soraya! Looking forward to having you join us. Gather your questions as the webinar will be interactive.

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