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Five Key Conference Design Elements Driving The C2-MTL Experience

It’s not often that we get a chance to fully immerse ourselves in an extraordinary conference experience. Such was the case for me last week at C2-MTL. If you’re a “frequent flyer” here on the Velvet Chainsaw Midcourse Corrections blog, you may recall a post I filed last week as I was midway through C2-MTL. … [Read more…]

C2-MTL: A Conference Dream Becomes A Reality

In 2010, Daniel Lamarre (CEO, Cirque du Soleil) longed for a new kind of business conference. One where business leaders from all walks of life might come together to explore, discuss and design best options to inspire creativity and innovation within their own companies.¬†Lamarre shared his dream with Sid Lee, a creative services firm based … [Read more…]