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Leading Change With Brain Friendly Strategies

Change can be hard! All organizations face challenges of maintaining employee or volunteer engagement and motivation in the midst of uncertainty. Organizational change is challenging even in the best situations. According to McKinsey Quarterly, 2010, only about 30% of organizations are successful with organizational change. For many people, the unknown is extremely frightening. We default … [Read more…]

Your Conference Attendees Avoid And Crave Change Simultaneously

It’s quite ironic actually. Our brains do everything they can to avoid change. Yet at the same time, our brains increase their engagement and focus when change is involved. Our brains crave change to keep us connected to the situation at hand. Wired To Be Risk-Averse Our brains are naturally wired to avoid any type … [Read more…]

How Do You React To Change?

We are living in revolutionary times! Often, these changing times require a fundamental shift and reinvention of how we live, work and play. Yet, not everyone copes with change the same way. Six Coping Mechanisms For Change Here are six coping mechanisms identified by author Hans Finzel in Change Is Like A Slinky. 1. Hold … [Read more…]