Bob Garfield’s Chaos Scenario

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevancy even less.” ~ General Eric Shinseki, 2003

The Chaos Scenario, by Bob Garfield, is about the historic re-ordering of media, marketing and commerce and traditional business triggered by the revolution in digital technology. It explores examples of adaptation to what is literally a new age of human endeavor. It is about the cutting edge, sometimes a laser scalpel and other times a guillotine.

It is, in short, about crawling from the wreckage of the old order to establish a new one.

The digital universe shifted power from the few to the many and altering human behavior, not to mention economies, on a grand scale. The question for business – as well as government, religion, science, politics, academia and every other institution hitherto operated from the top down – is what to do now.

Want more information? Download free chapters from The Chaos Scenario and visit Garfield’s blog

How is the Chaos Scenario impacting nonprofit associations?  Traditional annual meetings and conferences? What can conference organizers and association staff learn from this short video and Garfield’s Chaos Scenario? Share your thoughts.

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