Six Best Practices For Creating An Online Interactive Exhibitor Listing That Gets Results

I’m blogging as part of the TSNN blog team. My posts will focus on technology and business processes that help move the needle for growing your show. Here’s my first post.

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We all know that measuring ROI from tradeshow participation is like painting a moving car. Buyers are at various stages: awareness, consideration, preference and purchase. Often, it takes multiple touches to move buyers closer to purchase. Face-to-face interactions tend to either accelerate or better qualify the buyer’s stage.

Back in the good old days (three – five years ago), buyers primarily evaluated products by walking the tradeshow floor and kicking tires. Today, they do advanced online research and have a more targeted approach to tackling the show floor. They want to use their time as efficiently as possible.

Likewise, exhibitors need proof to justify their investment to participate in your tradeshow. One way to deliver that proof is to arm them with analytics. And analytics from interactive online exhibit listings are extremely powerful, often delivered in real time.

CEIR’s recent report, Power of Exhibitions In the 21st Century: Identify, Discover and Embrace Change from the Point Of View of Young Professionals found that 73% of young professional respondents interviewed (those under 40) created a must-see list of exhibitors before attending the event. Many researched the exhibitors online before attending the event. If that’s not a good enough reason to have an interactive online listing and drive heavy exhibitor adoption of completing their profiles, I don’t know what is.

Here are six best practices for creating an online interactive exhibitor listing that gets eyeballs and delivers ROI:

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