The Social Engagement Revolution: Why Your Organization Should Consider Social Media

Still think social media is a fad?

Flowtown created this great graphic about how culture and society is changing with time. Associations, brands and organizations have taken notice of these statistics and some have entered the social space to listen and engage with customers.

Edison Research’s February 2010 Twitter Usage In America: 2010 report shows that:

  • 84% of Americans have access to the Internet from any location
  • Six in seven homes have broadband Internet access
  • Six in ten homes have a home Wi-Fi network
  • 42% of Tweeps use Twitter to learn more about products and services.
  • 41% provide opinions about products and services
  • 31% ask for opinions about products and services 

As you can see from the above data, Twitter is being used for more than talking about what someone had for dinner or what they are currently doing. The conversations are often more substantial and provide value.

These statistics along with Flowtown’s infographic Still Think Social Networking Is Just A Trend present compelling cases for associations and organizations to use Social Media and even Twitter.

What statistics surprised you the most? How is social engagement impacting your organization or business?

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