10 Ways To Change The Way You See Everything

Notes From Experient’s e4 Closing General Session With Hank Wasiak

Dare to be different. Take risks. Change the way you see everything through Asset-Based Thinking.

Dare To Be Different was the theme of Experient’s e4 2010 Conference where I participated as a speaker. It was four days packed with amazing content, food, fun, people and surprise held at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek on the Disney World Property in Orlando, FL.

Take a look at some of the happenings at e4 2010.

The closing general session speaker, Hank Wasiak, a Madison Avenue legend, author and speaker discussed Asset-Based Thinking. Here are some of my notes from his presentation.

What Is ABT?

Asset (Something or somebody that is useful and contributes to the success of something)
Based (Principle or starting point of a system or theory)
Thinking (Use of the mind to form thoughts, opinions or conclusions)

Emphasize the positive. With practice, shift your attitude from

  • Too hard….to…so challenging
  • I don’t want to…to…I want to
  • You’ve got to be kidding…to…wow, that’s a great way to think about it
  • That’s so strange…to…that is very unusual
  • I wish they would stop that…to…I suggest that you try this
  • I don’t like that…to…I like this better 

DBT – The Lens of Negative Thoughts

Deficit (A term referring to something negative, something you want less of, something you don’t value)
Based (Principle or starting point of a system or theory)
Thinking (Use of the mind to form thoughts, opinions or conclusions)

Every day we use ABT or DBT. The choice is ours.

Seeing Change Through The ABT Lens

Consider change as a disruptive gift. An exciting and opportunistic way to move forward instead of a risky and daring move.

  1. ABT is a choice, not a personality trait.
    Change the way you think from sometimes awful, sometimes awesome, always ABT.
  2. The networks are in your mind. The remote is in your head.
    You can change the channel from DBT to ABT anytime. You can mute the voices of dread, fear and negativity. You control the remote and the networks.
  3. Small shifts can make seismic differences.
    Small shifts in the way you view change can make monumental impact on successful outcomes. Frame your thinking from the ABT lens. Think about your thinking.
  4. Use the 5 to 1 Rule.
    List five positive things about the change and only one negative thing about it.
  5. Is the glass half empty or half full?
    DBT vs. ABT. Change the question. What’s in the glass? Consider SOS: self-others-situations.
  6. See your problems as a pause.
    Become an opportunity advocate versus a persistent problem solver.
  7. When you change the way you see yourself, you can change anything.
    The deeper you look, the more you find. How things turn out depend on how you think.
  8. Forget perfection. Pursue progress.   
  9. You have a choice to consider conventional wisdom or ABT insights.
    Change others minds (conventional wisdom) or change your own mind (ABT).
    Debate with others (conventional wisdom) or dialogue with others (ABT).
    Compete with others (conventional wisdom) or admire others (ABT)
  10. Learn to speak with Substance, Sizzle and Soul.
    Substance – what will you make happen going forward?
    Sizzle – How will you make it happen?
    Soul – Why it is important to you. 
What keeps us from using asset-based thinking? How does change make you feel?
Want to know more about Experient or e4? Read Experient’s Event Industry Blog, Corporate News Blog or e4 Blog.
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  2. Adrian Segar says:

    Thanks for the excellent summary, Jeff!

    “What keeps us from using asset-based thinking?” Our brains are good at solving problems AND being creative. Our culture tends to focus on the former – “something is wrong, let’s fix it” – rather than playful, creative modes of looking at the world (as demoed constantly by children).

    One of the best ways I know of turning around a problem-solving mindset in an organization is something called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). This approach builds on what is working well in an organization, rather than concentrating on what need to be fixed. An excellent short (63 pages) introduction to AI is the Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry by Sue Annis Hammond. Recommended!

  3. Jeff;

    I love your analogy about your mind controlling the network and the remote.

    CHOICE is the key to the whole adventure!

    Great post – great food for thought and cool video by the way – I produce these promotional videos for all types of events too!


    – Don

    – Don

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