Don’t Miss EventCamp Twin Cities – September 8-9, 2010

EventCamp Twin Cities 2010 is just around the corner…and there is still time for you to register to attend.

The EventCamp Twin Cities 2010 program and conference experience is built around four primary themes: social, innovation, collaboration and experimentation.

What can you expect at EventCamp Twin Cities?

  • New digital and face-to-face collaboration and communication tools
  • Conference sessions designed around social learning where we tap your areas of expertise and experience to share with others and you learn from like-minded peers
  • The innovation lab where you can push your boundaries
  • Shifts in thinking about the audience as participants in co-creation, engagement and collaboration
  • An amazing welcoming crowd of meeting and event professionals.

 EventCamp Twin Cities has something for everyone – and a smart savvy planning team with Sam Smith and Ray Hansen as well as an innovative line-up of facilitators.

What Is EventCamp?

EventCamp Twin Cities 2010 is modeled after the first EventCamp NYC held in February 2010 that was birthed from the Twitter community #eventprofs. EventCamp 2010 NYC was the world’s first industry gathering of its kind, a “BarCamp-style” conference for meeting and event professionals. EventCamp’s ongoing mission is to bring together like-minded professionals, to share best practices, and learn new strategies, for leveraging social media and technology to create enhanced event experiences.

Five Ways To Still Register And Participate

1. Face-to-Face in Minneapolis

For just $85 join others at the McNamara Alumni Center on the Campus of the University of Minnesota. Register for Minneapolis.

2. Face-to-Face in Dallas

If you are in the DFW or surrounding area, join the DFW POD sponsored by Freeman. Andy Lawson and Kevin Richardson have created space for attendees to gather and participate remotely as we watch the love cast together. It’s our own DFW EventCamp Watching Party. Register for the free DFW POD.

3. Face-to-Face in Basel

Are you in Europe? Get on an EasyJet flight or a train and head to Basel. Ruud Janssen has attendees gathering at Cafe Tacuba to participate in Event Camp there. Switzerland is seven hours ahead of Minneapolis – so the event starts at 3 pm for them. During our lunch, they are going to have a three course dinner. Register for Basel.

4. Watch the Live Webcast

Sonic Foundry is livestreaming the event to your desktop. Visit EventCamp Twin Cities Website for more details. Emilie Barta will serve as the Virtual Event Emcee to guide you through the event and make sure that you are connected to the face-to-face audience.

5. Participate From the Virtual Third World

Follow the hashtag #ectc10 in Twitter to engage in conversations with likeminded individuals.

What excites you most about EventCamp Twin Cities? Why do you think unconferences like this have become so popular?

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeff Hurt and Andy Lawson, Zerista Pro. Zerista Pro said: RT: Don’t Miss EventCamp Twin Cities – September 8-9, 2010: EventCamp Twin Cities 2010 is just… #eventprofs […]

  2. Sam Smith says:

    Thanks for your post, Jeff. This is very generous and an unexpected surprise.

    I hope that you will be able to join Andy and the crew in the Freeman Dallas POD. We are looking forward to integrating the Dallas group into the conversation during the day. Having a two way conversation link should be exciting for all of us.

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for the post and the shout out. We look forward to seeing you here at Freeman on Thursday. We have a great day planned and most of all, the gathering of some terrific people.

    I’m most looking forward to connecting with others who are looking for different ways to share learning. Hopefully along the way I’ll be able to share a nugget of inspiration in addition to the nuggets I’ll receive.

  4. Dave Lutz says:

    I participated virtually in certain portions of the NYC Event Camp. Because of that experience, I’ll definitely be tapping in for certain sessions for this one. The three things I love most about participating in Event Camps –

    1) There are usually people in the live and virtual audience I know and trust (great to see them on video or the twitter stream)

    2) Event Camp pushes the envelope with experiential content. You learn what works/doesn’t work.

    3) Dirt cheap live and free remotely. They’re just trying to cover costs baby. It’s about the attendees not about the organizer.

    Hope to see you there!

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