9 Ways To Create Irresistible Attraction

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.  ~ Albert Einstein

Gravitational attraction can draw others to you like a magnetic force.

Image by James Jordan.

Irresistible Gravitational Attraction


Advertisers sell it. Companies market it. Media flaunts it.

We all want it. We try to get it. We all have difficulty creating and maintaining it.

Let’s face it; most organizations want to be attention-getting devices. They want to allure, attract or create magnetism that draws others–potential customers and members–to them. They want irresistible attraction to their brand, their message, their products, their services.

Nine Ways To Create Irresistible Gravitational Attraction

Your irresistible attraction should revolve around communicating your brand and message to potential customers and the public at large.

Here are nine ways to create irresistible attraction.

1. Blog

Publish your advice, content and insights on a blog. Use SEO strategies so that your name and services rank high in search. Frequency and consistency are critical to increasing readership and search rankings. 

2. eNewsletters

Make them full of value, non-promotional and short. Use interesting graphics and photos to create novelty. 

3. Get Published

Seek publications that are read by potential customers or members. A published article leads to credibility by a third-party. People can share it and cite it in other publications. Obtain permission to reprint the article and post it on your website or blog.

4. The Interview

Print, radio and television interviews can create gravitational attraction. Always prepare yourself with two or three points that you want to make. Weave those points into your answers.

5. Presentations

Giving an effective educational presentation sponsored by a credible third-party is a great opportunity. Your irresistible attraction increases with a stellar presentation and sinks with poor ones. Seek to be helpful and provide relevant information. 

6. Pro Bono Work

Volunteer for a cause, charity, organization or similar interest. This allows you to work side-by-side and develop relationships.

7. Social Networks

Make sure that your organization has outposts in the primary social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn,  Quora and Twitter are four to get your started. Outposts get more traction when mixed with the sharing of other resources and conversation with your connections.

8. White Papers

Also known as position papers, these two to six page non-promotional articles promote your views on issues important to your work. They must provide real value for the reader. eBooks are the hip version of the white paper.

9. Word Of Mouth (WOM)

WOM is often the result of irresistible gravitational attraction at work. Your efforts create a buzz. WOM is the opposite of inertia. If it’s at rest, it is likely to stay at rest. If it’s in motion, it’s likely to stay in motion.

Rules For Creating Gravitational Attraction

  • Let your comfort level be your guide to determine how many irresistible attraction elements you create and maintain.
  • Consider these elements high-priority time investments. The excuse “I do not have enough time to do them,” is equal to saying “I do not have enough time to talk to a potential customer.”
  • Market need should drive your irresistible attraction element choices.
  • Don’t expect instant gratification. Using these devices has a cumulative effect, not a lottery jackpot win.
  • Leverage these irresistible attraction elements together when possible.

What other irresistible gravitational attraction elements would you add to this list?

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  1. Maddie Grant says:

    Can’t believe you forgot the most important one – create a product, service or other value worthy of being cared about in the first place! 🙂

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks for the clarification. I was assuming that their was already a product, service or value worth sharing first. Glad you stressed that!

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