13 Things to Know Before Attending PCMA 2011 in Vegas

Image by Amyn Kassam.

Will we see you at PCMA, Virtual Edge or ACOM next week in Vegas? If so, we’ve compiled some important info to help you make the most of your trip. If you aren’t attending, sign up for the next best thing… the free live stream offerings from both PCMA and Virtual Edge. Let’s get started!

1. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except when…

It is live streamed, tweeted, flipped, tagged or posted as a status update.

2. Hoover Dam is a must see!

If you have an extra half day take the time to visit Hoover Dam….legend has it this was possibly the last government project to come in under budget and on time. Considering it was completed in 1935 (with a labor crew of over 21,000 in 5 years) it is mind blowing to actually see this massive structure first hand. The new bridge is awesome too!

3. I’ve yet to meet a woman that doesn’t like Cirque!

Vegas is home to seven incredible Cirque du Soleil shows. It’s hard to go wrong picking up one of these tickets. Often times you can get great same day ticket prices at one of the discount booths on Las Vegas Blvd.

Image by Curtis Gregory Perry.

 4. Thinking about tying the knot?

If you decide you want to get married..this is the PCMA for you.  Last I heard, $60 ($5 additional if you use a credit card) for the license and no waiting…this could give a whole new meaning to Party with a Purpose.

5. Pamper those feet.

No question that you are going to log some miles in Vegas. Think about strapping on a pedometer and out-stepping Sue Pelletier. At night, give them extra care by elevating on three pillows or if you’re real bold, stick your foot in the toilet and flush. (I hear that helps, but haven’t tried it myself.)

 6. Be a world traveler!

Where else can you visit New York, Monte Carlo, Venice, Paris and the Roman Empire all in a couple of hours? Start at Paris continue to the Venetian (they are on the same side of the street) cross over to Caesars’s, see the gardens at Bellagio and then head towards New York, New York. Be sure to check out the Bellagio fountains (especially at night) and if time permits see the newly opened Cosmopolitan. Note: the views from the Cosmo guest rooms are spectacular!

Image by tiffa130.

7. Learning and Networking First

The PCMA program looks awesome! Be sure to spend 30 minutes and figure out your first and second choices for sessions. Session rooms fill fast, so get there early and meet people that share your interests.

8. Be Student friendly

About 8% of the attendees are students. You remember what it was like to be young, right? Make it a point to spend at least 5 minutes chatting with three or more of them…but don’t buy them a drink without checking their ID.

9. Take Note of the Cool Room Set-ups

Whether you are a planner or supplier, innovative meeting room sets are in your future. PCMA is pushing the envelope on this in Vegas. Be sure to snap some pics and steal an idea or two.

10. Speaking of Pictures…

No trip to Vegas is complete without snapping a few candids in front of the Las Vegas sign! Did you know it was created in 1959? Gaming was legalized in 1931. They should have had the Hoover Dam guys in charge of the sign.

Image by Digital Photografix.

11. Network Like a Rockstar

Whether you are a first-timer or seasoned Convening Leaders veteran, this is one of the best opportunities to expand your network. It feels good to hang with co-workers or fellow chapter members, but you’ll get much more value if you make it a point to reach out to new folks. Think of every new business card that you collect as having a $20 value. How long will it take you to collect enough cards to off-set the registration fee?

 12. Digital Natives Rule!

The #PCMA11 twitter hashtag is starting to heat up. Who’s your money on for the top tweeter? Will anyone be able to oust Greg Ruby as the Foursquare mayor of PCMA? Stay tuned…it could get bloody!

 13. Headed Home

You know how most novice travelers think they need to get to the airport two hours before flight time and you roll your eyes? I know I do. If you show up 45 to 60 minutes before your flight, you might not be too happy with the security line. At certain hours of the day, McCarran International gets crazy busy. Print your boarding passes at the hotel, show up two hours early, check your bags (even if it costs you some coin) and have a safe trip home.

Special thanks to Mike Burns for helping contribute some of the humorous and factual content above!

What’s on your agenda for Vegas? Do you have other tips that will help others have a wonderful experience?  

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  1. Traci Browne says:

    I can highly recommend #4. Me and my husband did this back in 97 and still going strong. But we were married by the real Elvis!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeff Hurt, sue pelletier, Kelly Foy, Ed Heiland, Tyra Hilliard and others. Tyra Hilliard said: @spelletier I like #8 – Be Student-Friendly. I've got 6 UA students attending. Should be fun. http://t.co/iBBe6Qc #pcma11 […]

  3. Great list Jeff. Don’t forget that PCMA attendees can attend the first day of Virtual Edge for free. To follow the conversations for Virtual Edge, the hashtag is #VES11. This will be the hashtag for questions during the keynote or to Michael McCurry and myself for “The Edge Streaming Studio” live broadcast.

    We will also have four additional hashtags for each room: #VES11a, #VES11b, #VES11c, #VES11d. So no matter which platform you’re viewing the summit from, you can send in your questions that way.

    See you next week!

  4. Dave Lutz says:

    ‘@Traci, the real Elvis…no way! I thought he was tending bar in Florida somewhere. what was the going rate back in ’97?

    @Cece thanks for the additional pointers on Virtual Edge. Jeff and I will both be sticking around. VES was a killer conference in 2010 and looks even better this time around. Looking forward to finally meeting ya!

    Glad to see you co-anchoring with Mike McCurry. We worked together for over 20 years. He’ll call it as he sees him…unless the other team is playing da Bears.

  5. Traci Browne says:

    I think the whole package, limo ride to the chapel and back (Elvis actually drove…it was a slow week, pictures, video and flowers was $125. You know you are important when Elvis is your driver.

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