Cheat Sheet: What Is Mobile Marketing?


We are “…inside the tornado of the mobile industry.”

“Mobile apps will continue to surprise the media; new smartphones and tablet PCs are enhancing our daily digital lives…We will see a dramatic lift off of global Mobile Advertising.” Harald Neidhardt, CMO & Co-Founder, Smaato Inc.

There’s no denying it. Mobile advertising is on the rise.

Mobile Advertising Fast Facts

  • 2011: Worldwide mobile ad spend is $11.4 to $20 billion. Merrill Lynch
  • Smartphone sales to surpass computers in 2012. Morgan Stanley
  • By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. Merrill Lynch
  • In 2011, more than 85% of handsets shipped globally are expected to include a browser.
  • In the U.S., more than 49 million already engaged with mobile advertising. mobileSquared and Smaato
  • In the U.S., more than 12 million clicked on a mobile ad and purchased an item. mobileSquared and Smaato

Mobile Marketing And Engagement

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) defines mobile marketing as “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

What makes mobile marketing unique is the engagement factor. MMA identifies mobile engagement as a way “to start relationships, acquire, generate activity, stimulate social interaction with organization and community members, [and] be present at time of consumers expressed need.”

This engagement is what makes mobile marketing attractive. Consumers can

  • opt into text messaging
  • view a mobile website
  • access an application

Nine Major Types Of Mobile Marketing

1. SMS (Short Message Service)

160 characters in length and most commonly referred to as a text (or txt).

Advertisers can send relevant marketing messages such as coupons and sales directly to consumers.

2. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Similar to SMS, it includes the addition of multimedia content such as audio, pictures and video.

3. WAP Site (Wireless Application Protocol)

A website specifically designed and formatted for display on a mobile device.

When a request comes from a mobile browser to the website, it is redirected to the mobile version for better user experience. A quality WAP or mobile website is quickly becoming a “must have” for organizations.  

4. WAP Storefront

A mobile Internet site, provided by a third-party content provider, which contains premium content.

5. Mobile Web Storefront

A mobile Website usually for premium content. It enables the user to browse content and make multiple purchases per visit.

6. Mobile Paid Inclusion

A fee paid to a search engine to be indexed.

7. Mobile Paid Placement

A fee paid to a search engine to have their listing prominently displayed usually as a sponsored listing.

8. Mobile Advertising

Most commonly seen as a Mobile Web Banner (top of page), Mobile Web Poster (bottom of page banner), and full screen interstitial, which appears while a requested mobile web page is “loading.” Other forms of this type of advertising are SMS and MMS ads, mobile gaming ads and mobile video ads.

9. Mobile Application

Software solutions that power the business logic for mobile marketing initiative(s).

For more mobile marketing and advertising types, visit the MMA Glossary.

How is your organization preparing for the mobile invasion? What types of mobile marketing have you used successfully and what tips do you have to share?

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  2. Phil says:

    Mobile Marketing is definitely the future of communication, allowing companies to target the ‘untethered’ customer directly, and more important on a device that the customer is extremely personal about!

    Mobile is here to stay, and will only get bigger. I have found that Mobile App’s are working well for small businesses as well as Mobile Optimized Websites…..providing you can persuade the business owner to go simplistic!

    I have also written an article about Mobile Marketing and it can be found at

    Love the blog,

    Phil Carrick

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  4. Great article. The facts really say it all. I saw some other stats that 5.1 billion of the 7 billion on this planet have a mobile device. I didn’t realize it was that high.

    I just think of all the ways that you have already mentioned that a company can mobile market, the list will get better as technology improves. Just the fact that right now companies can so easily build prospect and customer lists just for mobile users is one of the greatest marketing strategies yet.

    For now anyway, open rates are high and responses are too. Great time to for any business to take advantage of this technology.

  5. Mobile marketing is such a vital tool these particularly in the business world. Some really great info here.


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