If You Are Not Content Marketing, You Are Not Marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customer without selling. ~ Junta42.com

Content marketing does not pitch products or services. It does not interrupt. Instead, it helps customers become more intelligent.

At the heart of content marketing is the belief in reciprocity. If an organization delivers consistent, ongoing valuable information to its customers, the customers reward the organization with their business and their loyalty.

Check out Marketo’s infographic to get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in content marketing.

Infographic from Marketo.

 How is your organization taking advantage of content marketing?

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  1. Jeff —

    You just hit the Bulls eye!

    The challenge for B2B companies is they typically have to create educational content to share. This is a lot of work!

    Organizations like Junta42, Hubspot (and Marketo) are “super content marketers” in the B2B world — They give it away in hopes their expertise leads to increased awareness which should ultimately lead to new business.

    However, associations by nature are ahead of B2B companies as they have educational content from annual meetings, seminars, publications, and more already in their control. It might not be centralized, There might not be a strategy for doing something with it, but they have the content and that’s a giant step!

    Their challenge is bringing that educational content to their members and the general public in a way that makes it more relevant, useful and accessible. Then having a communications plan to “content market” to their audience. All this goes with, of course, the intention to drive awareness for their membership, their association and their meetings.

    Great article Jeff –

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Yes, associations are sitting on a gold mine, a wealth of content, that they could repurpose and share. They just need to take the steps to use that content as marketing to “…drive awareness for their membership, their association and their meetings,” as you say. Great point.

      Thanks for reading and the insightful comments. Appreciate it.

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