Invasion Of The Participatory Culture [PPT]

If you haven’t made the shift from serving members to involving them, consider this your wake-up call — and your roadmap.

Sociologists identify today’s online networked individuals as the participatory class. For many adults, the Internet primarily means the web. For others it means chat, connecting with friends, email, games, movies, social networks, text, video — all of which means they are content producers.

As part of a participatory culture, we expect to create, collaborate, connect, share, and learn interactively. We feel that our contributions matter. We share a social or emotional connection with one another that helps solve problems and develop new solutions. It’s a culture that permeates our personal lives and our workplaces.

Are you ready for the invasion of the participatory culture?

Here is the PPT from my presentation about the participatory culture for CalSAE Road Tour (San Diego, Anaheim, San Francisco and Sacramento)

What changes do associations and conference organizers need to make for the participatory culture? What have you seen done that you enjoyed that created a high level of participation and engagement?

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  1. Michelle (aka: ExpoQueenUSA on Twitter) says:

    Ok – I get it. So…what should they do to make their events more Participatory? Why is it that the last three conferences I attended I was so disappointed? At each event, I attended sessions on social media, mobile apps, and engagement strategies. But all I got was a speaker showing me a Power Point presentation!!! I mean…REALLY! If I am attending a session on how to use these tools successfully…I don’t want a to sit and watch a PPT! I want the session to ENGAGE me and SHOW ME what it is like to actually EXPERIENCE these concepts. If anyone knows of an event that actually uses new & interactive, social media, networking and audience engagement strategies WHILE they are teaching us about them…let me know and I will be on a plane to attend!

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      I’m with you. I want to play with and try new technology tools when I am at a session discussing the. Are their events that actually use interactive, social media, networking and audience engagement strategies…YES! There are hundreds of them! EventCamps, WordCamps and PodCamps are some that do it and do it well. Some associations are moving that way too and you’ll find pockets of high interactivity in some sessions at MPI and PCMA’s events.

      Involving the participatory cutlure does not mean you MUST involve them with social tools. As long as you build audience engagement via small group or peer discussion, you meet the needs of participation. This slide deck is from the first part of my two-part workshop with CalSAE. The second part was illustrating how to create participation in engagement sessions. Of course the first presentation was highly engaging F2F and with the remote audience as well.

  2. […] discovered an old blog post by Jeff Hurt on Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections blog about the invasion of participatory culture. His post led me to Henry Jenkins, a media scholar at the USC Annenberg School for Communication. […]

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