Go Ahead. Reinvent The Wheel!

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Every day I read dozens of blogs and articles about new technologies arriving at our door steps.

I am always intrigued by the technology people create.

Even more so, I am fascinated by their inventiveness. Their ingenuity. Their originality and resourcefulness.

It’s very appealing and captivating.

I want to hang around with those inventors and implementers. I want to study them. I want to learn from them.

Some people that I think are good at inventiveness and ingenuity are David Armano, Danny Brown, Jay Baer, Jeff Cobb, Jay Cross, Jeffrey Cufuade, Jeff DeCagna, Marcia Connor, Midori Connolly, Kathi Edwards, John Haydon, Ruud Janssen, Beth Kanter, Scott Klososky, Jessica Levin, Geoff Livingston, Jamie Notter, Julius Solaris, Angela Maiers, Valeria Maltoni, Laura McCulloch Carter, Paul Salinger, David Meerman Scott, Samuel Smith, SocialFish (Maddie & Lindy), Tony Stubblebine, Dan Zarrella and a host of others.

I really like the way clever minds take a look at something and make it better. Or reinvent it altogether. Or create something new.

These innovators reinvent the wheel. They fix what isn’t broken over and over again. They refuse to “leave well enough alone.”

They get my applause, my standing ovation, my appreciation and my thanks.

Why? This is how progress is made.

I am just as excited when I see a conference organizer or meeting professional think out of the box and imagine a fresher, newer, better way of meeting together.

Conferences and events can’t keep on keeping on! Doing conferences the same old way is a “death wish!”

If we think creatively, there’s no end to how we design our meeting experiences!

Here’s to the meeting innovators, the conference pacesetters, those leading the light!

Why are so few meeting professionals willing to take risks? What motivates innovators to do it differently and how do we encourage that willingneess to movitate in others?

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  1. Lance Simon says:

    Poor old iCohere, left out as a thought-leader or innovator. Luckily our clients & partners disagree! Check out our online conference success stories for USAID, CTA, ASHA, USFS and others on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/icoherevideo — Thank you! Experience really does make a difference, we’ve been producing community-building online conferences since 2003.

  2. Dave Will says:

    Nicely said, Jeff. I love your message. Try doing something different for the sake of doing something better!

  3. Ruud Janssen says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Not only do your blog posts put a smile on my face, they make those who read them nod (in the good way) and appreciate being mentioned amongst so many distinguished bloggers. If only I had a small bit of your editorial talent… Humbled by your witty post, i shall as shall many others try and retry reinventing and reinvigorating what we like to most…. Meet in person…

  4. Hear, hear Jeff, great post!

    Praise those who dare to explore and dare to fail — dare to change. IMHO we’re in a unique timeframe in the history of events. Technology is changing the sector at a pace equal to lightspeed. There will always be laggards who are over-rewarded for doing things they always did, because the customer always wanted that….

    Ouch, and now the customer seems to have lost his mind. He wants to change! How do I persuade him that he’s a fool. The almighty textbooks say that events should be a theme, an experience, with a decent structure …. Cut the crap and wake up before it explodes in your face!!

    I think innovators are willing to take risks because they see a new customer need and want to contribute to that. Simple.

    Thanks again Jeff for moving onwards!

    If the

  5. Loved this article, Jeff! Especially appreciate your list of innovators; I’m already subscribed to many of their blogs and will check out the rest.

    Here’s an out-of-the-box idea for conference and event planners: meet at sea! Cruise ships are unique venues for all types of events. Being at sea inspires creative thinking, encourage networking, and is easy on the budget.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Interesting point to equate innovation with online conference success. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I like your succinct thought, “Try doing something different for the sake of doing something better.” Nicely said!

      Thanks for being one of thes innovators out there leading the way. We will all learn from you and others!

      I appreciate your frank and candid comments. This statement made me smile: “Praise those who dare to explore and dare to fail — dare to change.” I’m right there with you on that one!

      That’s an interesting idea to have an out-of-the-boxed-in-land experience and take it to sea! Thanks for sharing and reading.

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