Every 60 Seconds These 21 Things Happen On the Internet

60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds

Infographic by Shanghai Web Designers.

The World Wide Web is growing rapidly.

On average, 6 billion pages are added to the World Wide Web every day.

Take a look at Go-Gulf infographic about what happens on the web every 60 seconds.

Did You Know?

Did you know that every 60 seconds:

  1. The search engine Google serves more than 694,445 queries
  2. 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr
  3. 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos, creating another 25+ hours of content
  4. 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on Facebook
  5. 70 new domains are registered
  6. 168,000,000+ emails are sent
  7. 320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on Twitter
  8. iPhone applications are downloaded more than13,000 times
  9. 20,000 new posts are published on micro-blogging platform Tumblr
  10. The browser FireFox is downloaded more than 1,700 times
  11. The blogging platform WordPress is downloaded more than 50 times
  12. WordPress Plugins are downloaded more than 125 times
  13. 100 accounts are created on LinkedIn
  14. 40 new questions are asked on YahooAnswers
  15. 100+ questions are asked on Answers.com
  16. 1 new article is published on Associated Content, the world’s largest source of community-created content
  17. 1 new definition is added on UrbanDictionary
  18. 1,200+ new ads are created on Craigslist
  19. 370,000+ minutes of Skype voice calls
  20. 13,000+ hours of music streaming on Pandora
  21. 1,600+ reads are made on Scribd

Which 60 second stat surprised you most and why? How is your usage of the web evolving in this time or rapid change?

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  1. I will be honest, the only one that surprised me was the 13,000 hours of music on Pandora. In a single minute that would mean that a whole lotta people are listening to Pandora (shouldn’t we be working)….

  2. May Li says:

    I love infographics – picture says a thousand words. The one stat that surprised me is Craigslist. Only 1200 new ads posted every 60 seconds? Really? Assuming we’re including only the 10 top cities/ regions in the U – that’s 120 new ads per city. I would imagine 120 new ads easily fill up the 10+ categories under “For Sale” in a wink, not to mention all the other categories. (Be interesting to know what Craigslist’s stats are)

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Yeah, that was a shock to me as well. I expected the number in Craigslist to be higher.

      Thanks for reading and commenting too.

  3. Sadly, very few of these actions are actually “productive”.

  4. MacMyDay says:

    A lot here is obviously from a US pov (Pandora, Craigslist), but the 1700 Firefox downloads surprised me. Is that current data?

    How about Wikipedia entries?

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