Seven Tips To Jump-Start Your Creativity

Just a spark

I consider myself fairly creative. I am not more creative than you.

I’ve just spent a lot of time practicing creativity.

And I’ve surrounded myself with people who constantly encourage me that I can be creative. It helps that my parents, family and teachers always encouraged me that I was creative. Believing that inner voice that “You are creative” is extremely important to success.

You Are Creative!

I firmly believe that we are all creative! You are a creative person. If you disagree with me, I think that you just haven’t tapped that creative spirit yet. It’s lying dormant deep within you ready to spring forth and blossom.

I like what Meredith Martini, owner of PlayWorks Group says, “Creativity is an equal opportunity skill to develop!” That’s so true. It’s a skill we can all develop and improve!

Seven Tips To Keep Creativity Alive

Here are some tips that I’ve learned to help keep creativity alive during the creative process.

1. Recognize that creativity cycles.

You may get the seed of a creative idea. It needs to germinate. And you may experience periods where creativity seems to be in a drought. Keep at it and watch your ideas blossom.

2. Embrace fear.

Creativity requires you to walk into uncharted territory. Unfortunately, there’s not a road map or GPS for creativity. You will take wrong turns.

The fear of failure can stop the process. Or you can reinterpret that fear as energy to keep going. Run to that fear and you’ll see that fear is actually a toothless lion that can only gnaw on you with its gums.

3. Change locations.

If you work on creativity from your office desk, your senses are focused on the surroundings. So change locations and work from a different room. Go outside or to a quiet coffee shop. New perspectives can come from new surroundings.

4. Take a break.

Sometimes your attention needs a break. Stop the creative process and take a walk, read a book or visit with a friend. Consider a trip to an art gallery or museum. Give your creative process some breathing room and watch new ideas pop in your mind.

5. Welcome your inner child.

Invite your playfulness. Consider the ridiculous and the absurd. Delight in childlike behavior. Release the chains of adult inclinations. Generate lots of ideas and don’t settle on the first thing that comes to your mind.

6. Focus on the goal.

Imagine how you’ll feel once the project is done. Focus on that feeling of accomplishment to keep yourself moving forward when feeling stuck. Grasp a mental image of what you seek to achieve. Remember the best creators are visionaries first.

7. Take a few deep breaths

If your creativity is ground to halt, sit back, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Drawing a deep breath gives your creativity a boost by increasing your oxygen. Inhale and exhale every five seconds and repeat about 10 times.

What tips do you have to share about the creative process? What works best for you to encourage your creativity?

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  1. Noah Garcia says:

    Jeff, you present some good points. I think we are all creative. Sometimes we can underestimate our creativity. Listening to music can spark creative thinking. Thanks again for these tips.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks for reading and providing your insights. Your tip about listening to music is a great one and definitely a way to spur the creative process!

  2. Deirdre Reid says:

    Great tips, Jeff. I agree with you. Everyone has the creative spark within them, but it’s often beaten down by education, jobs or wanting to belong and conform. My tip is to read widely, all kinds of weird stuff you normally wouldn’t read, listen to different music and gaze at challenging art. And, read Patti Digh’s book Creative is a Verb. It’s for everyone who thinks they’re not creative, most people, probably.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Great tip to read widely and all kinds of items that normally wouldn’t. Patti Digh’s book Creative Is A Verb is a great addition to…people should put it on their must read list for sure.

      Thanks for reading and sharing. It’s always appreciated!

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