Three Infographics On Conference Content And Delivery

Dare to color outside the lines.

Have the courage to take risks.

Let go of outdated, dead sacred cows.

These were just a few of the overarching themes from Experient’s e4 2011 Conference¬†“Outside the Lines.”

Bye, Bye Breakouts! Hello Innovation Labs!

The Experient team always delivers a stellar conference that’s engaging. They are willing to take risks, experiment and push the boundaries. It’s one of the best planned experiences both logistically and strategically.

This year they created a themed event with semantic threads through all of the education sessions. On the first morning, one of their keynote speakers, Dr. John Medina, answered six critical questions about the brain, learning and conferences that directly tied to the Innovation Labs. Participants spent six hours in two days in a facilitated, deep dive discussion called an Innovation Lab instead of the customary breakout schedule. The results were amazing with a more cohesive learning experience for everyone involved.

Graphic Facilitation

Here are three Innovation Lab infographics from our two-day session on conference content and delivery. Thanks to our graphic artist, Hannah Sanford, who captured our deep dive discussion about conference content and delivery.

Enjoy! (Click on images for larger display).

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