The Top Traits Of Rock Star Event Professionals


Rock stars!

Just those two words create images in our minds of fun, money and pleasure.

Rock stars get paid to bang on drums, strum guitars and scream into microphones. They get to do what they love daily.

Traits Of The Rock Star Event Professional

So what does it take to be a rock star event professional?

Here are the eight top traits of superstar meeting professionals.

1. Big Picture Questioners

Rock stars often have big egos, big ideas and big dreams. They question the status quo and think differently.

When presented with planning a new event, the rock star meeting professional begins by asking, “What’s the goal of this event? And how will you define success?”

2. Detail-Oriented

Rock stars focus on the little details that make a great concert experience. They look at the venue, the sound, the lights, the stage and more. Then they design their rock star road tour to be bigger, badder and better than ever.

The rock star meeting professional can transition from spreadsheets and room sets to big picture strategic thinking seamlessly. They have an eye for the details while keeping their thinking in the clouds.

3. Delegators

Rock stars delegate the details to the appropriate people. They secure the right AV team, roadies, security, manager and promoters. They keep their eye on the prize – the experience for their fans.

The rock star meeting professional keeps the main thing the main thing and delegates some of the details to competent team players. They avoid becoming a micromanager.

4. Embrace Life-Long Learning

Rock stars often follow untraditional paths. They seek inspiration in unique places. They are always learning and tinkering.

The rock star event professional is always learning and unlearning. They seek out new education experiences to expand their thinking, ideas and processes.

5. Read outside the industry

Imagine if rock stars only read Rolling Stone or Billboard. Their lives would be in an artificial bubble.

The rock star meeting professional reads both industry and non industry related information to get inspiration and new ideas.

6. Develop A Sense Of Humor

The best rock stars know how to jump on a stage for a spontaneous jam session and then mingle back stage with the VIPs and guests. They deal with fans coming up to them in restaurants and try to keep their band members from going nuts in close quarters. Life can be hectic but humor helps smooth the way.

Humor is critical for the rock star planner! When the entertainer arrives drunk or the venue doors won’t open, a sense of humor is imperative. Having a positive optimistic attitude while overcoming issues means your team will enjoy working with you.

7. Rebellious Explorers

Rock stars are always exploring. Exploring new sounds, new themes, new artwork, new ideas.

Rock star meeting professionals don’t get stuck in a rut following traditional practices. They are both inward and outward explores!

8. Excellent Communicators and Listeners

Rock stars are passionate and effective communicators with the public and their fans. They do what they do for their fans.

Rock star meeting planners are passionate about what they do. They keep their focus on their event participants and can clearly articulate the whys behind the whats. They also have become skilled listeners able to translate what their clients want in the meeting experience.

What other traits would you add to the list? How do you channel your inner rock star when planning conferences, events or meetings?

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  1. thom singer says:

    Amen to number 7, we need more people who try new things in all industries (not just meeting industry)

  2. I love this article! I enjoy reading anything written by @Jeffhurt. When I transitioned from project management in the financial planning industry in order to become an event planning professional, Jeff Hurt was the first person I followed on Twitter. Thank you for your contributions!

    The new is under construction and being designed by

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Thanks Tom for the “Amen!” We need more people willing to explore and tinker with things. 😉

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading. Here’s to your success in your new role!

  3. Christine Upton says:

    ‘@Jeff -Thank you! To answer your question…
    What other traits would I add to this list?

    Having been in the business world for 12 years, my philosophy has always been “it is all about them”. “Them”– meaning the client. When we make it all about them, planning like a rock star comes naturally. You’re article is right in line with this philosophy.

    My former boss, a terrific leader,gave me a copy of the following book at me when I worked for him.
    ‘It’s All About Them: How Trusted Advisors Listen for Success’- by Bill Bachrach, Steve Shapiro
    Great, quick read!

    Cheers! @cmgals

  4. I’m not sure rock stars share this one, but the ability to stay cool under pressure and shift on a dime when the unexpected happens are two traits most rocking planners seem to share.

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      So true of the rock star planners I know as well. They keep their cool under pressure and manage the barriers effectively. Thanks for adding that one.

  5. Another trait to add is — MIND READERS- In this industry we are always thinking ahead, anticipating the unknown, and reading our clients minds as well as co-workers, and partner vendors to stay ahead!

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  7. Connie Phillips-Gilbert says:

    Great list! These are, indeed, the traits of a progressive and successful meeting planner. I would probably add “solutions-oriented.” The unexpected is expected in this industry.

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