Our Talks Mark The Journeys Of Our Lives

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Out for an evening ride to look at holiday decorations, we drive by an extended family walking hand in hand.

“That’s so cool,” I think to myself.

I’ve seen those kids playing in the neighborhood. It’s so great to see them walking hand in hand, arm in arm with grandparents, aunts, uncles and their parents. Tonight, they look exceedingly happy.

Porch Laughter

Down the street, we see another group gathering on a front porch. Their laughter is contagious and makes me smile. One man is obviously holding court as a great story teller.

We round the block oohing and aahing at the variety of decorations. Some are very unusual. Some are odd. Some are sophisticated. Some are, well, just strange. Like the chair covered with lights hung from a large oak tree. Huh?

As we pass the party on the porch for a second time, we notice that a woman is now talking. It’s her turn for sharing.

The Miles We’ve Traveled

I think of the many miles I’ve traveled with my spouse, family and friends. Taking turns, we solve problems, make decisions, check in, gnash teeth, vent frustration, raise our voices, discuss our families, laugh together, mourn together, sing together.

I remember the route my family took each Christmas to visit my grandparents. Each set of grandparents had a different mountain that we had to traverse. One route could make you sick from the back and forth curves if you were trying to read. One route passed the famous Hinton Dairy Queen where we stopped to get hot dogs and fries.

But it’s the talking that matters! Our miles together marked the journey of our lives.

Where Love Can Be Found

I understand why my image of the Divine one isn’t some curmudgeon on a throne waiting to pounce on me when I make a mistake. Or a king on a cross. Or an emperor ready to send plagues on humanity. Or a deity ready to stone me for breaking a rule. Or a genie waiting to grant all my wishes.

My image of the Divine One is of a companion on the road. My deity walked with people. There was the walk to Emmaus. There was the walk with crowds to the hills. There was the walk to the beach. There was no real plan, just a commitment to walk with whoever needed it.

As I drive past people walking and talking, I think this is where the love can be found. Not in rules or self-righteous dogma, not in creed or fights over creed. But in those bonds that people form while seeking each other and giving care.

I end my ride thinking of those who are alone. Having no companionship can hurt.

We need to invite each other for walks, rides and talks.

Celebrating The Season And You

As part of the world celebrates the holidays, we at Velvet Chainsaw celebrate you. Thank you for taking walks with us. Thank you for entering our worlds each day. Thank you for journeying with us on the roads we travel together.

As the world celebrates the season, we also celebrate our walks and journey with each of you.

No matter your persuasion, Happy Holidays. Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. Here’s to the Festival Of Lights. Happy Kwanza. And Have A Great Winter Solstice!

Let’s continue our walk, rides and talks together.

Feel free to leave your season wishes for others here in the comments section.

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  1. Corbin Ball says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Best wishes to you as well for this holiday season and for a very Happy New Year!

    1. Jeff Hurt says:

      Many thanks Corbin! The Velvet Chainsaw team wishes you the best 2012 as well.

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