5 Ways To Super-Charge Engagement On Your Facebook Page

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Facebook. Say that name and people either nod in agreement or shriek with fear.

Facebook’s jargon, processes and activity are part of mainstream society today.

We judge relationships based on a person’s Facebook relationship status. We see if someone has current photos in their albums. We check their work history and their timeline. We review what they’ve “liked” recently.

Facebook is an extremely powerful social technology tool that our organizations should embrace and use–even if we don’t like it.

Think of your organization’s Facebook page as a place where your customers and potential customers can hang out with you and share. Now it’s your job to keep the conversation going. It’s your dinner party and you’ve invited them there, so have some fun conversing!

Here are five ways to increase your organization’s Facebook presence so that others will get more involved with your brand.

1. Post Daily.

As the admin for your organization’s Facebook page, you should post something daily. The worst thing you can do is setup your organization’s Facebook page and let it set their like a stagnant pond without any activity. Then it just stinks!

It doesn’t take that long to post something, so do it. Mix it up. Post an interesting article. Post a link to a video. Post some photos from your last event. Ask an open ended question. Show your personal side.

By all means, post something!

2. Manually Post Links To Your Organization’s Blog

Many blog platforms have a widget that will automatically post a link of the recent blog post to a Facebook page. Don’t do it. Why? Manually posting a link provides a personal touch and is less sterile.

When you manually post a link on your Facebook Page, you can add a personal message and customize how the update looks in other’s newsfeed. You also have the ability to change the title and description.

Likewise, you can change the image with your manual update. Choose one that will grab the attention of readers.

3. Create A Fill In The Blank

I’ve been playing with my personal Facebook page for the past six months seeing what will get people to respond. I’ve noticed that creative “fill in the blank” updates grab people’s attention. It’s the equivalent of a phone ringing and people want to answer it.

Keep your fill in the blank short so that it doesn’t take a lot of time to respond.

4. Ask For Help

If you or a coworker is traveling to a specific city, ask your followers for advice for favorite restaurants or sites to see. Or if you’re struggling with a software program, ask for assistance. It’s ok to ask for things that don’t have anything to do with your organization. It’s about building relationships.

Most people love to help and are willing to assist where they can. Use the wisdom of your networks!

5. Respond Back

One of the most important things you should do is follow-up to those that post on your Facebook page. “Like” their comment. Post a reply. By all means, don’t just nod your head in agreement and smile when you read it. Show that body language by responding back to them.

What makes you respond to a Facebook page update? What type of updates grabs your attention?

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  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks for this helpful post.

    Could you give an example of what you mean by a “fill in the blank?”


    1. Jeff Hurt says:


      Thanks for asking. Here’s an example: what I liked best about this post is________________.

      Or try something like: My favorite food is ______________.

  2. Dennis says:

    Oh …you meant it literally. It’s all so clear now! Thanks …I’ll go post a “fill in the blank” on my page right now.

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