Maximizing Your Conference Professional Speaker Investment

Day 23 :: the self doubt is crippling

You’ve spent hours surfing websites, reading bios, evaluating presentation descriptions and viewing speaker online videos.

You’ve finally reached a decision and secured a professional speaker to keynote your opening general session.

You feel relief, accomplishment and maybe even exhaustion.

Then you wonder, “Did I ask the speaker to do everything possible? Are there other things I should have asked the speaker to do for our upcoming conference?”

In short, the answer is Yes! There are many things you should ask that professional speaker to do besides just presenting at the general session.

Professional speaker and author David Meerman Scott shares his personal views on what meeting planners should ask him and other professional speakers to do in addition to the keynote.

Video edited from PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2012 Learning Lounge Live Chat Room video clip.

What are some things you’ve asked professional speakers to do in addition to present? Where do you source professional speakers for your events?

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